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The Banksy NFT Art Collection Radar Rats Has Incredible Utility!

Banksy, the world-famous graffiti artist, is releasing a fresh assortment of tokenized NFTs called Radar Rats. The exciting project is really a collaboration between Banksy, Magic Eden, and the international art collective LCD Lab. Significantly, the 1,000 NFTs include unique utility, providing owners with the opportunity to mint a physical little bit of Banksy art by burning the NFT. The NFTs will undoubtedly be on September 17th, exclusively on Magic Eden.

Image of a Banksy NFT art piece of a rat with gold background
Radar Rats is really a unique assortment of NFTs by Banksy!

Own a bit of Banksy NFT art

Radar Rats is really a special assortment of 1,000 NFTs which can be burned anytime. By burning your NFT, you’ll receive an authenticated physical little bit of Banksys Walled Off Hotel Box Set free of charge.

The assortment of physical art contains hand-painted prints by Banksys team, housed in the small white box frame. Initially, these continued sale to clients of the Banksy Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem, Palestine, between 2017-2019.

We have been always seeking to bring interesting and innovative NFT collections to Magic Eden, said Jack Lu, CEO of Magic Eden. By introducing the legendary art of Banksy in to the NFT world and piloting a distinctive burn mechanism where an NFT could be redeemed for a physical art piece, we have been reaching a residential area of passionate NFT collectors that are expressing greater demand for artwork.

Join the Whitelist Now!

To obtain usage of this exclusive NFT art stop by Banksy, you need to join the whitelist. You can certainly do this by following LCD Lab on Twitter or by holding at the very least five Stone Heads NFTs.

Remember, each one of these Solana Banksy NFTs also includes the opportunity to possess 1/1 of physical art. Previously, Damien Hirst created an identical NFT project that has been incredibly successful.

Finally, 10% of the gains will go directly to the Banksy Walled Off Hotel to greatly help organize an urban art festival in Bethlehem.

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