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THE BEST Guide To Trendjacking

Trendjacking isnt a fresh thing. Brands have already been jumping on trends in an effort to promote themselves for a long time. But getting associated with a fresh hashtag, event, or meme can often be tricky to obtain right.

Although trendjacking may seem as an easy online marketing strategy, you need to understand what it really is, how it will help your brand, and how exactly to take action successfully

What’s trendjacking?

Trendjacking is whenever a brand takes benefit of a trend so that they can boost visibility and (hopefully) profit.

Brands try to interact with conversation that’s already happening, either offline or online, and capitalize on the exposure that movement gets.

Trendjacking is frequently used in combination with bite-sized digital content, such as for example:

  • An instant tweet
  • A graphic
  • A brief video

That is mainly because getting the presence in the conversation as fast as possible is vital, as nobody really knows whenever a trend will die out.

The difference between trendjacking and newsjacking

Newsjackingmay be the practice of inserting your idea or brand into current news to get media traction and social media marketing recognition. Anydigital PR agencycan tell you precisely how effective this system is at getting the name on the market.

Trendjacking in marketing is comparable, in ways, but its once you benefit from a trend to improve your brand, instead of jumping on stories which have already hit the news headlines. The main goal of trendjacking would be to increase awareness.

The advantages of trendjacking

By firmly taking benefit of trendjacking, it is possible to increase brand visibility along with raise the efforts of all of those other marketing team.

Boost brand visibility

Probably the most obvious great things about this strategy gets more eyes on your own brand. By trendjacking, youre using upper-funnel marketing tacticscampaigns that reach users before they find out about your brand, product, or service.

The awareness stage of the marketing funnel could possibly be the most volatile. You often only have a couple of seconds to seize someones attention. Among usingcontent marketing toolsto obtain ideas for posts, joining in on trends could be a fast-track to upping your visibility.

An instant win

Unlike plenty ofPR campaign ideas, trendjacking offers brands simple, easy content to create. Rather than starting a fresh conversation from scratch, it is possible to interact on a preexisting one.

You wont need to try to drum up interest as there’s already a lot of it. The talent is based on knowing when to place something out and choosing an ideal reaction to the trend, instead of expending hours crafting a campaign.

Humanizes your brand

Trendjacking also allows your audience to recognize together with your brand on a human level.

Instead of simply using digital PR or content campaigns to market your service or product, youre speaking with your potential prospects about something theyre already thinking about.

Drives conversions

Probably the most attractive good thing about trendjacking is increasing conversions.

Driving increased traffic to your website can help gather leads, and when you have the proper actions looking forward to these new visitors, it could eventually increase sales conversions

How exactly to perform trendjacking successfully

Taking part in a trending conversation is an excellent solution to drive more eyes to your social accounts. With a well-executed trendjacking campaign, it is possible to amplify the buzz around your brand and gain new followers.

However, whilst having more eyes on your own brand is rarely a negative thing, you have to be sure you have processes setup to convert these viewers.

1. Match the most recent trends

Quite simply, to join trends, you should be alert to them to begin with. And weren’t talking weeks, as well as days, following the conversationyou have to visit the trending topic the moment it gains traction.

An excellentbrand monitoring toolcan help you match trends in your industry and the global zeitgeist. Getting alerts the moment a fresh trend starts to emerge puts you in the very best position to respond to them.

Social media marketing monitoringcan be essential. Two different ways to maintain with the culture in your industry are to utilizeTwitter andGoogle Trends.

Weekly or month, Google Trends dedicates a whole page to analyzing a favorite search trend, whereas Twitter regularly updates the trending topics (aside of one’s timeline).

With both tools, you can observe what’s trending in various regions, so that you can localize your trendjacking to essentially interest the proper audience.

2. Understand the trend

Brands that make an effort to focus on trends without knowing the within joke always fall flat. If youre unsure of the main of the trend, why its popular, or this is behind specific hashtags, your response could possibly be considered desperate or tone-deaf.

At best, people just dismiss your brands attempt at joining it. At worst, a controversy begins together with your company at the centre, which will defer people in your market.

Its also beneficial to know when its time and energy to get involvedtoo early, also it will not be understood by enough people, but too late, and you will be considered cringey old news.

3. Put your personal spin onto it

Brands checking out trendjacking however, not discovering anything original is similar to someone repeating a tale but louder. And you may get called out for this on the web.

Humor is essential with regards to trendjacking. Be bold with it! Trendjacking is only a means for brands to obtain exposureeveryone will know this. Just ensure that your addition is in fact interesting.

4. Don’t sell

Trendjacking isnt about mentioning something or service youre selling. It is possible to lightly hint at your product, however the best plan of action would be to fully concentrate on the conversation.

Your audience can look out of your trendjacking in the event that you try to have a hard-selling approach. The campaign then sours, seems inauthentic and loses the potential benefits.

5.Ensure it is worthwhile

Exposure doesnt need to be the one thing via your trendjacking. If youve were able to grab someones attention, you then have to maintain their interest and make an effort to convert it.

Add links to specific landing pages in your social account bio, an instant link by the end of the conversation, as well as dedicated pages create and optimized to focus on keywords associated with the trend. An excellentSEO companycan advise on the very best methods to help these new visitors across the marketing funnel.

Deciding when to visit trends

Don’t assume all trend will be the correct one for the brand. Consider these questions before wading in to the latest conversation.

Could it be relevant?

Relevancy is definitely more important than trendiness.

May be the trend likely to reflect your values? May be the trend an excellent fit for the modulation of voice? Branded memes could possibly be the perfect trendjacking fit. But if theyre regarded as forced, as well as worse, tasteless, your audience wont enable you to forget it.

Are you considering able to take action?

Can be your campaign deliverable promptly? A trend could be old in the blink of a watch, therefore you cant spend huge amounts of time on your own reaction to it.

In the event that you truly want to purchase trendjacking, its time and energy to forget about the rounds of reviews, sign-offs and changes that normally include new campaigns. Put your rely upon whoever is undertaking the trendjacking in your team.

Could it be appropriate?

Some trends just arent right for brands generally. While individuals on different social media marketing platforms will get away with joking about taboo subjects or going for a light-hearted method of serious topics, brands cannot.

That’s where you utilize your good sense. If jumping on a trend doesnt sit right with you, its far better leave it.

Will your target demographic understand it?

The complete point of trendjacking would be to have more eyes on your own brand. When you are tactical together with your efforts, you may make sure theyre therighteyes.

If youre confident your market wont be thinking about the trend, wait until theres one where they’ll be. Wading right into a conversation where nobody cares about your brand or what youre saying isnt the very best use of your time and effort.

Is trendjacking worthwhile?

So, is trendjacking worthwhile? Absolutely.

When completed well, trendjacking could be a powerful tool to improve brand visibility, generate leads, and secure placements for the clients.

You merely need to remember the potential problems you can face and ensure that your social media marketing guide is solid to permit for the quick-thinking trendjacking requires.

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