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The brand new Steam Deck ebook lays out Valves long-term vision

On Thursday, Valve released an electronic booklet about the Steam Deck, Steam, and the business itself. Valve says it released the book prior to the Steam Decks launch in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, however the book also happens to reach on the six-month anniversary of when Valve sent the initial order emails allowing visitors to buy their Steam Deck.

The 52-page ebook is free, and when youre at all thinking about Valve or the Steam Deck, Id recommend flipping through it. Not merely are there several pages full of Steam Deck prototypes, but youll also have the ability to find out about Valves ambitions for the Steam Deck in its words.

Possibly the perhaps most obviously part is that Valve is investing in the Steam Deck and SteamOS as a multi-generational products. Valve has called the Steam Deck a multi-generational category during the past, however the company goes even farther using what it prints in the book (and because its printed in a book, its definitely that a lot more official):

Anyway, it is a multi-generational products. Valve will support Steam Deck and SteamOS well in to the foreseeable future. We shall study from the Steam community about new uses for the hardware that people havent considered yet, and we’ll build new versions to be a lot more open and capable compared to the first version of Steam Deck has been.

After reading that, Im already eagerly anticipating the Steam Deck 3, though hopefully the 3rd entry of a particular gaming series arrives before that does.

Valve also shared some interesting numbers about Steam, like this there are a lot more than 130 million active players on Steam on a monthly basis and much more than 30,000 titles on the platform. So when of the publishing of the book, Valve says that a lot more than 4,500 titles have the Verified or Playable designation for Steam Deck, and therefore approximately 15 percent of most games on Steam already are at least deemed to be Playable.

Since those first order emails went in February, Valve has been ramping up its shipping volume, and on Wednesday, the business even said that some Q4 reservations were being bumped around Q3. In the event that you place a reservation today, Valves website says you wont have the ability to order your device until sometime in Q4. But at the rate things have already been improving, hopefully it wont be too much time until your order email hits your inbox even though you wait, Valve includes a book it is possible to read.

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