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The Bushes’ Alma Mater Teaches Kindergarteners ‘Whites ENSURE IT IS Harder for Black People’

A school in Texas believes its youngest students are radically mature for his or her age. At the very least, that appears to be a sensible takeaway.

Purportedly, Austins St. Andrews Episcopal School (SAS) recently completed a lesson arrange for kindergarteners coping with race. An image of the instruction was featured on the Libs of TikTok Twitter account.

From the March 10th foray into freedom:

Hello, Sunflowers! Lets keep discussing freedom. Is there some people which have more freedom? Lets share our thoughts.

Recently, this type of query wouldnt have already been put to five-year-olds. A far more likely class mightve devoted to dinosaurs. But nowadays, traditional topics are prehistoric like racial unity.

Back again to power dynamics for children that are barely potty-trained:

NY has more freedom to vote than Texas.

Needless to say, that statement holds true: If one place permits voting without identification, then it indeed offers more voting freedom than one which doesnt.

The lesson also highlights that money means more freedom.

And in the event you were wondering:

Black folks have less and white (people) have significantly more.


Whites ensure it is harder for black people.

Whites boss [nonwhites] around.

The program also points to white peoples threatening body gestures.

.@SASAustin taught kindergarteners that whites ensure it is harder for black people and white people boss POC around.

These were also reportedly reading books on gender identity to 5-year-olds telling them the physician guesses a babys gender.

Full story:

Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) July 28, 2022

Its quite the responsibility with which to saddle young minds: Theyre either not capable of an excellent life or congenital jerks.

But they are transformative times. WHEN I covered Wednesday, a Portland kindergarten shows its kiddos graphic cartoons of penises and vaginas; and its own taught them white colonizers developed the machine of women and men.

Also waxed upon: people who have vulvas, the violence of words, and pronouns such as for example ze and zir.

Back again to St. Andrews, heres Libs of TikTok:

One parent spoke to Libs of TikTok once they were sent an image of the lesson plan that allegedly taught 5-year-olds concerning the horrors of white people. Theparent said in addition they recently found that the bookIt Feels Good to Be Yourselfwas read to the kindergarten class. The book is approximately gender identity and non-binary people. A full page from the book (shown below) reads, Just what a babys body appears like when theyre born could be a clue from what the babys gender will undoubtedly be, however, not always. In addition, it teaches that doctors do you know what gender babies are, and sometimes they fail.

Parents voiced concern to the institution concerning the lessons but were reportedly dismissed. One parent told Libs of TikTok, When parents confront them like I did so, they’ll first say it had been an oversight, and when you retain asking way too many questions, they’ll let you know that youre an extremist. The parent continued, When I asked my kindergartener how often they discussed topics just like the one in the picture, he said it had been each day.

To be clear, St. Andrews is not any slouch of a school former students include President George W. Bushs two daughters. And tuition for kindergarten? Thats $26,870.

Assuming St. Andrews isnt all white, nowadays, it seems, even the downtrodden come in very good shape.

As relayed by Twitchy, following lesson plan exposure on social media marketing, St. Andrews set its Twitter account to only be viewable by approved users.


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