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The Darkest Hour of MY ENTIRE LIFE: Shakira ON HER BEHALF Incredibly Difficult Breakup From Gerard Piqu, Fictional Tax Evasion Claims

Shakira has been going right through lots of personal turmoil during the last year, however the pop star is finally prepared to discuss her breakup from her longterm partner, Gerard Piqu, and the claims of tax evasion which have been leveled against her by the Spanish government.

The singer explained in a fresh interview with Elle that the past couple of months have already been the darkest hour of my entire life, although she declined to describe the reason behind her and Piqu’s split. That is really hard to speak about personally, especially as that is the 1st time Ive ever addressed this example within an interview, she said. Ive remained quiet and just tried to process everything. Um, and yeah, its hard to speak about it, especially because Im still going right through it, and because Im in the general public eye and because our separation isn’t such as a regular separation. Shakira and Piqu first announced they were ending their relationship after 12 years together in June of the year. The pair released a joint statement at that time that read, We regret to verify that people are separating. For the wellbeing of our kids, that are our highest priority, we ask that you respect their privacy.

Shakira continued to indicate that why is this example particularly delicate are her children’s feelings. Its been tough not merely for me, also for my kids, she confided. Incredibly difficult. I’ve paparazzi camping outside, before the house, 24/7. And theres not just a place where I could hide from their website with my kids, aside from my very own house. You understand, we cant go for a walk in the park such as a regular family or go have an ice cream or do any activity without paparazzi following us. So its hard. And Ive tried to conceal the problem before my kids. I make an effort to do it also to protect them, because thats my number 1 mission in life. But they hear things in school from their friends or they run into some disagreeable, unpleasant news online, also it just affects them, you understand? The musician and her ex are parents to two sons, 9-year-old Milan and 7-year-old Sasha.

As well as the breakup, the Grammy winner in addition has been coping with her father being in the ICU and facing charges of tax evasion by the Spanish government. But Shakira called these false accusations against her totally fictional. She explained, To begin with, I didnt spend 183 days each year [in Spain] in those days at all. I was busy fulfilling my professional commitments all over the world. Second, Ive paid everything they claimed I owed, even before they filed case. So, currently, I owe zero in their mind. And lastly, I was advised by among the four biggest tax specialist firms on the planet, PricewaterhouseCoopers, therefore i was confident that I was doing things correctly and transparently from day one. In 2018, Spain accused the pop star of defrauding the federal government of over $15 million in taxes from 2012 to 2014. And, in July, a Spanish prosecutor announced that the federal government is seeking a prison term of eight years and an excellent of 23 million Euros if she actually is found guilty. No trial date has been set as of this moment, but Shakira told Elle that she actually is confident that she’s enough proof to win her case. She concluded, Justice will prevail in my own favor.

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