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The Devil is a Part-Timer!! Season 2 Ep 5, Release Date, Speculation

Episode 4 of ‘The Devil is a Part-Timer!!’ season 2 is titled ‘The Devil Learns the Pain of Losing Something Precious.’ In discussions with their companions, Satan and Emi plan how to keep Alas Ramus safe from Gabriel.

They are forced to confront their enemy without much preparation when their enemy returns sooner than expected.

Here are the latest updates.

Episode 5 Speculation

The previous episode ended with Maou learning that Gabriel couldn’t take her away with him because Alas Ramus is fused with a holy sword. Gabriel warned Emi that he would take Alas Ramus regardless of what she did, but Maou was delighted to see her home.

As part of Gabriel’s plan to capture Alas Ramus, he will devise another shady scheme. From now on, Maou and Emi must remain vigilant. They should be prepared at all times, as Gabriel could attack anytime.

Otherwise, they will lose. After spending some time with Alas, Maou had begun to feel connected to her, and he knew he couldn’t bear to lose her.

Episode 5 Release Date

Episode 5 of the The Devil is a Part-Timer!! season 2 anime will be released on Thursday, Aug 11, 2022. The episode title or preview has not been shown.

1. Is The Devil is a Part-Timer!! on a break this week?

No, episode 5 of The Devil is a Part-Timer!! season 2 is not on break this week. The episode will be released as per schedule.

Episode 4 Recap

Maou discusses his plan to protect Alas Ramus from Gabriel in the aftermath of Gabriel’s departure. In his memory, he recalls the legend of the Yesod Sephira. Plants play a crucial role in establishing the balance essential to support life in the myth, according to which they continually create the world.

Gabriel’s words indicate that the world components over which the Yesod is governed are in danger. While Suzune acknowledges that there is no evidence that the Tree of Life supports life, he also points out that no proof exists that it does so.

She also doubts the myth, believing that Alas Ramus staying with Maou and Emi will not be detrimental to their relationship.

When Maou and Emi are alone, he confesses to putting his life on the line to ensure the safety of Alas Ramus. Her surprise is a result of never seeing Satan as someone who would risk his life to help others. Because he will raise her as a parent, Maou explains that his sacrifice is not inherently strange.

Maou and Emi are invited to sleep with Alas Ramus later that night. Since she’s adamant, despite feeling awkward, they agree. According to Maou, a story about an angel saving a man puts her to sleep.

Maou tells her the story of how an angel saved a man. It becomes clear to Emi that he is telling a somewhat fictionalized version of his life story. As Alas Ramus falls asleep, she asks Maou what he does after he becomes king.

When Satan refuses to comment, he merely points out his greed. After waking up the following day, they find Gabriel standing next to them.

As they can’t beat him, Maou begs him not to take Alas Ramus. In contrast, Gabriel kills Satan immediately without listening to anything. In response to seeing him struggle to breathe, Alas Ramus directly alleges that Malkut said he was a liar.

When Maou is free, he asks Suzune to take him close to where Alas Ramus and Emi are in the midst of a fight with Gabriel. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, he loses his grip and plummets to the ground.

Emi can’t help but expect the worst when Satan plummets towards earth quickly. She has begun to care for his well-being even though he is her sworn enemy.

Alas Ramus saves Maou while she screams a few inches from the ground. Emi then decides to utilize all of her powers. Gabriel’s power, however, can’t be stopped by even that.

Alas Ramus is to be left alone, but Emi agrees never to allow Satan to have his way and put the human world at risk. Emi naturally accepts the demand, and Gabriel returns. Since no one saw Alas Ramus after Emi transformed and took out her new sword, everyone believes Gabriel took her away.

Her previously broken sword has fused with Alas Ramus and become one with her. If she so chooses, she can become the blade of Emi’s sword and return to her usual self. Maou has been depressed due to Gabriel taking Alas Ramus, and he is barely able to work at MgRonald’s because he believes he failed to stop Gabriel.

In the meantime, Emi meets Chiho at a restaurant and tells her the truth. Alas Ramus is still with them when they return to Satan’s apartment. After his reunion with his so-called daughter, Maou acts mean to hide the fact that he gets emotional.

Since Satan has never been held accountable for his actions in the past, Emi wanted him to experience the pain of losing someone dear to him.

Seeing Maou suffer the same pain that a lot of innocent people have gone through because of his ambition to rule the world was something she wanted to make him experience.

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About The Devil is a Part-Timer!

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! is a Japanese light novel series written by Satoshi Wagahara, with illustrations by Oniku (written as 029). ASCII Media Works has published the series in Japan, while Yen Press has published the series in North America.

Both Satan and Alciel take human forms, and Satan takes up a part-time job at a fast-food restaurant to earn a living. Things get even more complicated once Emilia arrives under the guise of a human named Emi Yusa. This light-hearted comedy explores the interactions of “evil” and “good.”

Originally Written By Epic Dope

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