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The Duo Behind The Haunting of Hill House Promise a Mysterious New Series

Mike Flanagan and Trevor Macya.k.a. the producers behind Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill Housepromise their next series The Midnight Club will undoubtedly be in the same way mysterious.

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This fall, incomparable a fright.

Ascary new drama is arriving at Netflixthis spooky season. From Mike Flanaganand Trevor Macya.k.a.the producing duo behind the streamer’s hit horror series The Haunting of Hill Houseand The Haunting of Bly Manorthe brand new show, titled The Midnight Club, follows several eight terminally ill teens who reside in a hospice and tell one another horrifying, life-like stories.

But, needless to say, there is a twist: The group forms a pact, saying that the initial of these to die should come back again to haunt the club from beyond.

“That is clearly a pretty big mysterywhat happens once you die,” Macy said within an interview with TV Guide published Sept. 5. “But we will have a crack at it.”

But Macy and Flanagan involve some help on the side: scream queenHeather Langenkamp, most widely known on her behalf iconicNightmare on Elm Street role, is defined to playDr. Georgina Stanton, thepeculiarfigurewho runs the hospice.

“What type of an individual,” Macy teased, “Would run this asylum?” Appears like we have yet another mystery on our hands.

The series is adapted from the novel of exactly the same name byChristopher Pike, an author who Macysaid rose to prominence in betweenhorror greats likeR. L. Stine and Stephen King in 1990. He and Flanagan may also be adapting Pike’s sci-fi novelTHE GROWING SEASON of Passageright into a movie.


In a trailer previously released on June 6, we get our first glimpse at the creepy facilityand its even creepier residents.

“To those before, to those after, to us now also to those beyond,” the cast repeats in the trailer. “Seen or unseen. Here however, not here.”The Midnight Clubalso starsSamantha Sloyan, Zach GilfordandIgby Rigney.

Unlock thesecretsbehind these storytellers whenThe Midnight Clubdrops on Netflix Oct. 7.

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