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The enigma of Leonardo da Vinci, the initial renaissance man

Published August 9, 2022

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Leonardo da Vinci could be best remembered being an artist, along with his enigmatic Mona Lisa and his fresco THE FINAL Supper ranking on the list of worlds most well-known paintings. But, going by the numbers, art could be the least of his contributions to the planet: He’s got only 22 paintings on display all over the world and some hundred other personal drawings. Instead this true-to-form Renaissance man, who lived at the height of the Italian Renaissancethe late 15th and early 16th centuries when art and architecture flourishedexcelled at an impressive amount of subjects, from architecture to science to mathematics to engineering.

His notebooks are filled up with original scientific observations, speculations, and hypotheses, the majority of which may be born out and supported by independent researchers in the coming centuries. He sketched designs for countless engines and machines, a lot of which may later make a genuine appearance on the planet. The seeds of Western science and technology, which germinated and flowered in the scientific revolution, were planted in the Italian Renaissance, no one sowed more of these seeds than Leonardo.

This is a peek into a few of the geniuss notebooks, showcasing his forward-thinking insights, observations, and discoveries.

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