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The Games New Diss Track, The Black Slim Shady Sparks Mixed Fan Reactions

THE OVERALL GAME dropped his new anticipated album Drillmatic, which includes a diss track fond of Eminem.

The Game


THE OVERALL GAME has released his much-anticipated album, Drillmatic, and contains social media marketing buzzing.

What stood out to fans may be the track titled The Black Slim Shady, where he takes shots at Eminem.

A few of the lyrics that caught the fans attention were:

So, oh he goes platinum and oh I acquired on the math with him he got all of the blackest friends he really wants to be African, me, left for dead on the Doctors Advocate, Dre never executive produced it I simply imagined it.

The LA rapper also remarked that Eminem isn’t the largest rapper in his hometown of Detroit and name-dropped his old group D12:

Could force the white guy to call D12so he is able to function as pork they grind, the largest rapper in Detroit that award is Sean Don.

The HOW EXACTLY WE Do rapper also said hes never heard Eminems music in the club and would prefer to pay attention to Tekashi 6ix9ine than pay attention to him:

I never heard you in a club, never heard in a bar eleven albums and ten never got played inside my car, Id rather pay attention to snitchnine like sixty-nine times and take part in sixty-nines and sixty-nine nuns than pay attention to you.

Fans a reaction to the diss on Twitter was mixed.

One user tweeted said:

THE OVERALL GAME ironically proved just how much of an Eminem fan he could be.

Another user praised the song and said::

THE OVERALL GAME dissed Eminem on Drillmatic and its own fire, Em got an issue on his hands now.

Its pretty safe to state the track has caught the publics attention, and fans will undoubtedly be tuned and looking forward to Eminems response.

The other day, THE OVERALL GAME revealed he’d be going for a break from social media marketing to spotlight his upcoming album and mental health.

In an extended Instagram post, the Compton rapper said he feels betrayed and alone.

Days gone by two weeks have already been a nightmare for me personally. I’ve witnessed disloyalty on levels unimaginable by people Ive trusted with my heart, money, career & livelihood. Not merely have I been backstabbed & betrayedIve been left to get the pieces alone.

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