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The Gretsch White Falcon Dave Grohl found in the Foo Fighters’ Monkey Wrench video has sold at auction for over $53,000

Dave Grohl plays a 1990 Gretsch White Falcon in the Foo Fighters' Monkey Wrench video (left), the same 1990 Gretsch White Falcon

(Image credit: Foo Fighters/YouTube, Gardiner Houlgate)

The 1990 Gretsch White Falcon guitar that Dave Grohl found in the Foo Fighters’ Monkey Wrench music video has sold (opens in new tab) at auction for over $53,000.

Once owned by Foo Fighters guitarist Pat Smear, and used extensively with the band both onstage and in the studio, the Japanese-built model serial number 906593-39 was the main topic of several modifications, and finally sold by Smear on Ebay in 2003.

You can observe the guitar that was sold by Gardiner Houlgate (opens in new tab) doing his thing in the Monkey Wrench video below.

Earnie Bailey, Smear’s guitar tech during his time with Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, made several after-market mods to the instrument.

First, he swapped (opens in new tab) out the guitar’s original tailpiece having an original 1950s Gretsch Cadillac example that has been found by Smear in a junk shop, then, he put a pillow inside its body in order to rein in feedback, while within the guitar’s F holes with black velvet.

(Image credit: Gardiner Houlgate)

“I had to get a White Falcon after seeing the fantastic Matthew Ashman use one with Bow Wow Wow in 1981,” reads (opens in new tab) an accompanying note written in 2002, and sold with your guitar from Smear. “Your guitar looked amazing however the early ones were super rare and expensive and the ’70s models had all that extra crap like dampeners and stereo switches.

“Once the ’90s reissues arrived,” he continued, “I possibly could finally get one without fretting about banging around some overpriced museum piece on the highway… roughly I thought. It instantly became among my favorites, getting special treatment and was usually the main one to grab to play in resort rooms and showcase to visiting friends.

“Earnie made modifications while on tour, eventually creating my ultimate Falcon. I played this guitar on several Foo Fighters tours and on THE COLOR and THE FORM album. It had been also utilized by Harlow on the Harlowland album. Enjoy!”

The 1990 Gretsch White Falcon formerly owned by Pat Smear

(Image credit: Gardiner Houlgate)

The Gretsch was sold with a Polaroid picture of Smear holding your guitar, and three photos of Rancid’s Tim Armstrong, actress Drew Barrymore and film director David Markey, respectively, playing your guitar, each dated (opens in new tab) February 19, 1996.

Incidentally, this very White Falcon also came out in Guitar World‘s 1997 feature with Grohl and Smear, following the latter used it throughout a rehearsal attended by Guitar World writer Alan di Perna.

For more on your guitar, visit Gardiner Houlgate (opens in new tab).

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