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The Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls U149 TV Anime’s Teaser Video Reveals 2023 Debut

The next and final day of “The [emailprotected] Cinderella Girls Like4Live #cg_ootd” concerts debuted a teaser promo video for the tv screen anime of Kyowno‘s The [emailprotected] Cinderella Girls U149 manga on Sunday. The teaser announces that the anime will premiere next year.

The studio Cygames Pictures is producing the tv screen anime.

The manga focuses on girls under 149 centimeters tall (under about 4-feet, 11-inches) who desire to be idols despite devoid of a producer or gigs. However, maybe with a marvelous dress, a marvelous stage, and a marvelous prince … The brand new Cinderella story follows these small idols and their small rookie producer.

Kyowno launched the manga on Cygames‘ online Cycomi service in 2016, and Cygames published the fourth volume in October 2018.

The [emailprotected] franchise began being an arcade game in 2005, with the ball player tasked with producing idols in a fledgling idol company, managing practice schedules, concerts, CD releases, and time off. The overall game was initially ported to the Xbox 360 in 2007, and had a sequel game in 2011, which finalized the initial 13 characters of the franchise. Later spinoffs include The [emailprotected] Cinderella Girls social game, which introduced the story of a more substantial group of entirely new characters within the story of multimedia conglomerate; The [emailprotected]: Million Live!, which include the initial 13 characters alongside new characters; The [emailprotected] SideM, which centered on male idols most of whom had “unique reasons” for becoing idols; and The [emailprotected] Shiny Colors, a mobile game and the newest entirely new entry in the franchise, with new female idols and a go back to gameplay features from the initial two games.

The initial anime adaptation for the franchise was 2007’s Idolmaster: Xenoglossia, a spinoff mecha anime. A-1 Pictures and Nishigori adapted the initial two games in 2011’s The [emailprotected] anime, and in addition produced the 2014 anime film THE [emailprotected] MOVIE: Kagayaki no Mukgawa e!. The studio plus some of the initial staff returned for both 2015’s The [emailprotected] Cinderella Girls and 2017’s The [emailprotected] SideM anime. The [emailprotected]: Million Live! also offers the next television anime adaptation.

The initial cellular phone social game for The [emailprotected] Cinderella Girls launched in 2011 and ended earlier this March. However, The [emailprotected] Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage rhythm game launched for iOS and Android devices in 2015 and continues to be continuing.

The [emailprotected] Cinderella Girls also received a 10th anniversary “celebration animation” that featured all 190 idols come early july. Cygames Pictures animated the video.

Source: The [emailprotected] franchise‘s website via Yaraon!

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