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The inactive Kentucky Speedway is currently a storage facility for an enormous assortment of unfinished Ford trucks visible from space

Ford is utilizing the inactive Kentucky Speedway as a storage facility. And you may start to see the trucks in the parking lots surrounding the speedway from space.

The Kentucky Speedway in Sparta opened in 2000 and hosted NASCAR races at the track through 2020. The track has been unused for racing after it had been left off the 2021 NASCAR schedule and its own vast parking spaces are now employed by Ford because of a semiconductor shortage which has plagued the auto industry because the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ford has been parking unfinished F150 trucks at the speedway because the spring and the amount of trucks at the track has only continued to cultivate. Just look at just how many trucks are sitting in the parking lots this month as Ford waits to obtain the parts it requires to complete the trucks and ship them off to buyers and dealers. Around this week, the unfinished trucks are taking on most the track’s parking spaces per satellite images.

Kentucky Speedway is significantly less than two hours from Fords Louisville assembly plant. That plant may be the primary place where Fords trucks are designed.

The automaker said earlier this week that it currently had over 40,000 trucks and SUVs that it couldnt finish due to a insufficient parts. Its not the only real manufacturer facing exactly the same scenario. GM also offers a large number of cars unfinished which are waiting on parts.

At the very least Ford is getting a use for Kentucky Speedway after NASCAR said goodbye to the Speedway Motorsports-owned track. Kentucky hosted top-tier Cup Series races from 2011-20 but struggled with attendance problems in its final years after horrible traffic issues before and following its first few Cup Series races. Situated between Louisville and Cincinnati on Interstate 71, the track had just one single major solution to reach and from the facility.

Kentucky Speedway last hosted a NASCAR race in 2020. It's now a storage facility for unfinished Ford trucks. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Kentucky Speedway last hosted a NASCAR race in 2020. It’s now a storage facility for unfinished Ford trucks. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

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