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The initial ever Boss CE-1 has reportedly been found, and it’s really listed on Reverb for $1,000,000

Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble

(Image credit: Reverb)

Once in a while, a bit of vintage gear crops through to Reverb that carries with it some significant history, sufficient reason for that significant history often comes a fairly significant price. With that said, this Boss CE-1 Chorus Ensemble purportedly the first to exist exceeds all expectations.

Flashing the serial number S000001, this exemplory case of Boss game-changing chorus effect pedal is listed having an eye-watering price of $1,000,000. Yep, you read that correctly: one million big ones.

Now, to your mind, that could make it among, or even the, priciest effects pedals ever that is in the event that you exclude the $1,000,000 AmazonBasics Drive, but thats a complete other story. Heck, even the next Klon Centaur only commanded a cost tag of $500,000.

If Reverbs page listing is anything to put into practice, though, the Boss CE-1s whopping price will make sense sort of.

Calling out an associate of the Beatles, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or tipsy John Mayer as prospective purchasers, the pedals page recites the annals of the Boss CE-1 and seeks to justify the $1,000,000 price.

Manufactured in 1976, the Boss CE-1 was the initial chorus effect put into pedal format, with this particular example specifically reported to be the initial one off the production line.

I once promised myself never to sell this grail, owner Pedal Palace states. It’s too special. But times are tight and medical tragedies have afflicted my children, so here I’m.

Anyways, that is it, they continue. You will not look for a more special little bit of gear. That is as rare since it gets. More rare compared to the $500k Klon Serial #2, more rare than your old guitar with 7 pickups and weird vibrato. That is it. This is actually the one. Nothing can compare.

Owner then continued to shoot down any possibilities that hed open it up and demonstrate the guts, partly since they dont desire to release the old mojo air that lives inside.” A good point, in the event that you ask us.

That air can only just be smelled by individuals who give me one million dollars, the listing continues on. Yes it works. And yes I’ll are the case with the sale. May hand deliver personally in the event that you live somewhere cool like Australia or Tokyo. That’s all. Have a good day.

In addition they perhaps rather optimistically predict the Boss CE-1 involved will undoubtedly be worth 10 times the worthiness theyve positioned on it at this time in 20 years. While that could not be precisely true, the worthiness of the thing is certainly going to rise.

Wed usually be skeptical concerning this type of thing, however the photographic evidence gets us onboard.

And, amazingly enough, Reverb has predicted that the Boss CE-1 will sell soon actually, four folks have it within their carts at this time. Maybe Musk, Bezos, a slightly boozed Mayer and Paul McCartney all saw the listing in the end.

If youd such as a less expensive version of the Boss CE-1, mind, Behringer recently announced they might be creating a a lot more budget-friendly version of the iconic chorus pedal. Theres been no word on price yet, but we cant imagine it’ll be anywhere near $1,000,000.

To learn about the OG Boss CE-1, head to Reverb (opens in new tab).

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