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THE LARGEST Celebrity Weddings and Surprise Elopements of 2022 (UP TO NOW)

Following a year (plus) of pared-down guest lists and socially distanced receptions, big celebrity weddings came roaring back 2021 (Paris Hilton, many thanks so much) and can without doubt continue into 2022.

From epic themed gatherings to faraway destination nuptials to those I dos we only hear about because TMZ finds the certificate, A-listers find all sorts of methods for getting hitched. Kourtney and Travisa.k.a. Kravishave already celebrated their nuptials 3 x, while Bennifer has said I really do twice.

And when you discovered this site while searching for inspo on your own wedding day, to begin with, congrats. And second, hopefully you discover it helpful! In the end, despite their A-list guests and bloated budgets, by the end of your day celebrity weddings are simply like normie weddings: an opportunity to drink champagne and eat cake in the name of love!

Listed below are the very best celebrity weddings and marriages of 2022.

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