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The latest zip codes in US for home buyers will come as a surprise. New England dominates


  • Eight of’s 10 hottest zip codes come in the northeast. The Midwest and South have 1 each.
  • The West Coast, probably the most expensive housing region in the U.S., have none because of inaffordability.
  • Many home buyers opting for to call home further from the big cities where they work, report says.

Moving to around Boston? Works out you maynot bealone.

Beantown and the encompassing New England area are being among the most popular places for home buyers to call home in the us. That’s in accordance with’s recently released Hottest Zip Codesreport.

Actually,eight of the very best ten zipcodes on the list come in the northeast.A little surprising, since theconsistentlyaffordableMidwest and destination-heavySoutheachhave only 1 hot zip codeon the list.

And, obviously, the West Coast, probably the most expensive housing region in the U.S.was nowhere found. Why? said, “affordability concerns have pushed buyer interest elsewhere.”

The eighth annualzip codes list is founded on’s economic team analyzing 29,000 zip codes over the U.S. where homes are available the fastest and obtaining the most views on its site. The listcomes as there’s a cooling housing marketplace in the U.S. whileindustry experts debate if there is a recession or correction,surging interestrates and still high home prices.

“Plenty of buyers are searching for affordability plus they are surprisingly finding it in pockets along the East Coast,” Realtor.comChief Economist Danielle Hale told USA TODAY.

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Top 10 hottest zip codes

For athird year, East Coast markets’s hot zip code list asthe top zip code this yearis 14618 inBrighton, N.Y., situated in Rochester,New Yorks third-largest metro area.It hasamedian listing price of a house at $275,000 and median report on six days available.

Hale said besides affordability, this year’s top 10 zip code localesare a couple of hours away major metros and attracting buyers from Boston, NEW YORK and Washington, D.C.

Along with their location beyond major markets, all 10of hottest zip codemarkets offered more space your money can buy. Homes on the listhad median square footage of just one 1,946, about 60 square feet morethan the normal home on the market nationwide, the report added.

Also, these locales are proving to be good fit for hybrid and remote workers, said Kristina O’Donnell, a Philadelphia area-based realtor who pointed out that zip code 18017 whereBethlehem, Pennsylvania, that is about an hour’s drive from Philly,is sixth on’s list.

“You are getting more house for the money, probably a more impressive at-home work place, more room for the youngsters and a yard,” O’Donnell said. “That’s much better than being in a cramped apartment in NY, right?” analyzed a lot more than 29,000 ZIP codes on enough time it requires properties to market and how frequently homes were viewed in each ZIP code from January to June because of its study. Eligible ZIP codes had at the very least 13 active listings every month to calculate itsranking and were limited by one ZIP code per metroarea. Here’s the list:

1. 14618Brighton, N.Y.

2. 03062Nashua, N.H.

3. 43085Worthington, Ohio

4. 03038Derry, N.H.

5. 04062Windham, Maine

6. 18017Bethlehem, Penn.

7. 37604Johnson City, Tenn.

8. 03106Hooksett, N.H.

9. 02760North Attleboro, Mass.

10. 04210Auburn, Maine

New England is a lot more than just home to the Patriots

There is a constant theme in’s list. Buyers are injecting new lease of life into competition for housesin historic areas inNew England, Hale said. Six of the latest zip codes result from the spot that’s renown because of its great seafood.

Buyers are trading surviving in cramped downtown metro areasformore spacious and relatively affordable cozy townsthat havereasonable part-time commutes to those big cities where they work.

“It’s in the Boston metro area, but directly on the outskirts where home prices are considerably less costly,” Hale said concerning the Derry-area zip code. “Some home buyers are creating a choice to possess in an exceedingly Boston-adjacent area, however, not spending Boston prices.”

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Other hot housing zip codes surprises

The proportion of Boston buyers seekingproperties in the cityfellby nearly 8%between 2021 and 2022 meaning they’re ready to relocate not too much away, the zip codes report said.

Overall, thenumber of visitors per property on within the very best zip codes was 3.6 times greater than for the averageU.S. property, the report said. Also the amount of viewers per property in the latest zip codes were nearly twiceas high as insurrounding metro areas.

And,8 of the 10 hottest zip codes have a median household income above the national median asthe average is $87,500 compared to$72,465 nationally, the report said.

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