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The Lions are Americas Team following the best Hard Knocks season in years

The 2022 season of Hard Knocks ended on Wednesday night directly after we surely got to spend the final five weeks learning the Detroit Lions. It had been unquestionably among the best seasons in the shows 21-year history, and also probably the most die-hard NFC North fan with a predisposition to hate everything Detroit must admit this team is indeed likable it hurts.

It is a team who have been sympathetic entering the year, and so are now a lot more so. Section of that’s simply being the Lions, among the NFLs perennial cellar-dwellers, woven in to the national consciousness through Thanksgiving games. This year of Hard Knocks did so well at utilizing the team being an allegory for the town itself down, however, not out. Eternally hopeful, and desperate to produce a comeback. Its to the end Dan Campbell may be the ideal figure to lead this team back.

Campbell may be the nexus of most items that fueled this year. The second-year, ex-player head coach may be the paragon of what folks imagine a stereotypical football coach is. From the opening moments of episode one, with GRIT written on the meeting room wall in giant block letters, to speaking in football platitudes that produce absolutely zero sense.

It doesnt matter in case you have one ass cheek and three toes, Im likely to beat your ass.

I still have no idea what this signifies, nonetheless it doesnt really matter Perhaps.

The matter that bleeds through the screen is how Campbell wants his players to retain their individuality. Hes definitely a players coach who doesnt have confidence in squashing personality operating of a team ideal, but instead harnessing these personalities and tweaking them into his vision of a football player on the field. Section of that is an unwavering belief according, never to him, but one another as Campbell tells his team before their first preseason game that the thing which will make me lose my shit is if he sees starters and backups not watching third and forth quarter players fighting for a roster spot.

Everything in Campbells world is earned, not given and that exudes through his position coaches. Following a touchdown running back DAndre Swift heads to the sideline, and rather than getting congratulations, coach Duce Staley reminds him that easier yards were available between your tackles, instead of bouncing it outside as Swift did away from home.

It is a huge part of why is this team likable aswell the coaching staff. Campbell has assembled a veritable whos-who of former players, with these Staley leading the running backs, Aaron Glenn as defensive coordination, Mark Brunell at quarterback coach, Antwaan Randle El for the wide receivers, and much more. The interplay of the big personalities was great to view in Hard Knocks, particularly Staley and Glenn jawing back-and-forth used over whose unit does better.

For just as much fun as this year was, the ultimate episode was a predictable heartbreaker. It had been time to decrease to 53 players, and that meant that lots of of personalities we surely got to know were going to have their NFL dreams snuffed out. It had been particularly brutal throughout a montage of exit interviews where Campbell and GM Brad Holmes told player after player they didnt make the cut. Some took it well, curious about what they might do better others could barely keep eye contact, not out of disrespect, but endless disappointment.

Among the things Hard Knocks showed so well is that for depth players its really not concerning the individual player, but how these players mesh with the starter and what they are able to bring as a compliment. In the sadness were a few bright spots, running back Craig Reynolds winning the ultimate spot in a crowded room of rushers and fighting to represent his family. Another was Chase Lucas, 7th round pick in the draft, who assimilated every moment of his experience, half-expecting to be cut, before finally learning he made the team.

This is a truly an extraordinary season of the show, and worth binge-watching in the event that you didnt get yourself a chance. I promise you that whoever saw the Lions on Hard Knocks this year will adopt Detroit as their second team.

The 6 best moments from Hard Knocks this season

  • Duce Staley threatening to fine and kick out any player in the RB room who farts
  • Aidan Hutchinson awkwardly singing Billy Jean to the delight of his teammates
  • Campbell recommending his linebackers wear Depends the initial practice back following a game
  • Chase Lucas grinning just like a kid after getting his first interception, asking the state if he may have the overall game ball
  • Malcolm Rodriguez buying cowboy boots and a cowboy hat in the center of Detroit
  • A new player asking his teammates why they dont wear cups anymore

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