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The Masculine Urge to consume Raw Meat

Welcome to YOU’RE EVERYTHING YOU Eat…or ARE YOU CURRENTLY?, a mini series concerning the techniques we project our identities through food.

Probably the most popular memes on the r/RawMeat subreddit depicts Jesus sucking an extended, anxious drag on a freshly lit cigarette. “God watching us set meat burning after creating it because the perfect fuel for humans,” reads the caption. May be the oven sacrilegious? That is the foundational principle of the community. Modern diets have already been corrupted by an elusive cabal of global industrialistsBig Pharma, Big Agriculture, BigBeyond Burger?and the only path to live relative to nature, as God intended, would be to chow down on a veiny slab of uncooked beef.

The denizens of r/RawMeat appear to skew young and male, and their forum unfurls just like a pamphlet for a profound new epicurean crusade. One post showcases a dinner of slimy minced liver; another derisively identifies those that prepare their meals as “food burners.” Men have flitted through countless different questionable nutritional movements and fitness motifs to crack the code of peak performance. But following the dust has settled, and the drums of whey protein have already been cast aside, this business decided that the reality was writhing right before them the complete time.

“I wouldn’t call myself a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t trust everything,” says Alex, a 19-year-old from Sweden who’s a frequent poster on r/RawMeat and withholds his last name for “safety purposes.” Alex pivoted to a raw diet this past year. “Consider about any of it: If individuals were healthy and who is fit, why would we are in need of hospitals? Medicine? Healthcare?”

It’s difficult to learn what size the raw meat community is. I’m definitely not the only real person who’s slurped down a gristly cube of horse sashimi throughout a visit to Japan. (Grassy and gamey. Pretty good, honestly.) And beef tartare are available in any millennial-courting French bistro in the united kingdom. However the boys of the subreddit are more fanatical about their allegiance to the dietary plan than us casual participants. R/RawMeat has about 1,600 subscribers, and new posts rise once every few days. A lot of them reiterate the dogma that uncooked food is way better for the bodies and our brains; that untempered animal blood makes us strong, virile, and free from disease; and that mainstream dietary philosophy, which espouses basic food hygienics, is thoroughly wrongheaded. One must open their third eye to enjoy the raw meat lifestyle. From then on, who knows everything you might see.

“I have problems with pretty severe anxiety and depression. Whenever I eat plenty of raw food in my own diet, that decreases. I get a lot more content with my entire life and focus,” adds Alex. (It’s worth noting here that no formal nutritional studies or professional dietary advice have revealed or advocated a relationship between consuming more raw meat and feeling smarter, stronger, happier, or healthier.)

Immerse yourself locally, and you may witness a variety of eccentric epicurean choices. Mostly we have been talking beef; raw poultry or pork isn’t nearly as popular. Sometimes the adherents chow into something relatively conservativelike, say, an uncooked skirt steakwhile other times, the cuts for supper time are more esoteric. Fully unvaccinated beef, for example.

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