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The Moonday Letters review: Genre-busting sci-fi extols hope as a duty

In Emmi Itranta’s The Moonday Letters, humans have adapted to call home off-world. But central to the genre-crashing thrill ride is really a reminder that hope is vital

Humans 27 July 2022

By Sally Adee

Two Astronauts wearing Space Suits Standing on Alien Planet and Looking at Something. Futuristic Space Exploration, Discovery and Colonization.

Living off-world may be the norm in Emmi Itrantas new sci-fi novel

Gorodenkoff/Getty Images

The Moonday Letters

Emmi Itranta


THE culture on Europa is indeed different from somewhere else in the solar system that visitors have to be carefully briefed through the inbound journey.

The settlements established on the Jovian moon domes built-in the ocean deep beneath its frozen surface are shielded from the harsh radiation of space by way of a thick crust of ice. A crack anywhere will be devastating and the ice is sensitive to sound,

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