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The Penn State glorification must stop

Death, taxes, and Penn State is on the verge of winning the Big Ten, likely to the faculty Football Playoff and perhaps more!

The recency bias in college football media never does not impress. In most cases, whenever a team does good twelve months, theyre now a formidable force to be reckoned with and by no means are they likely to have a step back. In case a team is bad, thats it, its over, everybody finish off your things and go back home.

Unless youre among three teams: USC, Texas, and Penn State.

USC isnt just back given that Lincoln Riley has had on the controls, its a nouveau pick for the faculty Football Playoff. Texas may be the backiest team to ever be back perennially, without none ever having learned the hard lessons from the entire year before. Penn State is really a different proposition entirely. The Nittany Lions have already been, generally, quite good, with some up years plus some down years, usually somewhat alternating. Its definitely leagues above another two aforementioned schools, yet, the media wants to pretend that it’s been on the verge since beating Ohio State six years back.

Now when Penn State plays Ohio State in its annual matchup, the media fawns, You won’t ever know whats likely to happen when both of these teams play! Except, yes we do. PSU head coach James Franklin is 1-7 contrary to the Buckeyes with the only real win being truly a game in 2016 when OSU seemingly let off the gas while Penn State pulled off a miraculous comeback. This is a Penn State team that had two losses at that time, including a 49-10 drubbing by Michigan, and that no-one regarded as much better than the Buckeyes or Wolverines that year. The window for opportunity was the next year, 2017, even though the Nittany Lions were excellent that year, they lost to Ohio State and Michigan State in successive weeks, undermining their championship caliber dreams.

James Franklin is 42-19 since that 2016 season, never a negative record, however, not exactly a convincing argument that Penn State is approximately to take the next phase. The recruiting has improved markedly, but at No. 16 in the 247Sports talent composite, its still one spot behind lowly Michigan.

Im speaking in sarcastic terms here, to some extent, because of a mailbag in The Athletic where Ari Wasserman proclaimed that Penn State was the only real Big Ten school not named Ohio Declare that could contend for a national championship. Wasserman says that Michigan (and MSU) arent created to beat teams in the CFP, despite the fact that theyve both been while Penn State hasnt. ($)

Yes, the Big Ten may be the second-best conference. However when you consider it closely, Ohio State may be the only program that’s truly equipped to win a national championship. Yes, Michigan State and Michigan have both advanced to the Playoff, but neither was created to beat Alabama or an Alabama-like team two games in a row in the postseason. There exists a huge gap between making the Playoff and winning everything.

If we arent considering USC or UCLA yet, the pick needs to be Penn State. Love him or hate him, James Franklin just signed a 10-year deal and he previously an application in 2021 that ranked No. 16 in the 247Sports Talent Composite. Penn State is most likely 10 spots outside the range it requires to be to compete for a national title, nevertheless, you need to consider that spot considers Penn States 2021 recruiting class, that was the worst effort of the Franklin era. Penn State fans are hoping that has been a COVID-19-related fluke, and that appears to be the case when contemplating the way the Nittany Lions have already been recruiting the final two cycles.

Since Jim Harbaugh arrived, Michigan hasnt been markedly much better than Penn State. His record since 2016 has been 40-18, nearly unique of James Franklins. Yet, for several of the Michigan cant beat ranked teams on the highway narratives, though Franklin has already established exactly the same issues, he appears immune compared to that criticism. And the argument that PSU is on the verge while Michigan isn’t ignores that the Wolverines actually did play in the CFP this past year significantly less than a twelve months ago. Unlike Penn States make an impression on Ohio State six years back, the maize and blue beat the Buckeyes this past year, and soundly. Yet, theres zero expectation that Michigan could do like Dabo Swinneys Clemson and build on that success, climbing the ladder after years to be merely good. No, that reservation has been booked by James Franklins Penn State, and unfortunately, the restaurant is booked for another decade.

I take advantage of this to illustrate not that Michigan ought to be the team on the verge, but how silly a few of these narratives are and continue being. And you can find always interesting team-specific narratives that dont die. For Michigan, its that any positive season was a fluke and theyll keep coming back right down to earth and its own a narrative that the Wolverines have tended to be pleased to acquiesce. For Michigan State, its the luck factor, which, again, will play out. For Penn State, however, despite similar success in-conference as Michigan, its regarded as a scrappy team ready for the next phase, as the Wolverines arent permitted to similarly improve. Even though they improve, they didnt, you merely didnt view it correctly.

Meanwhile, Franklins Penn State is 11-11 in its last 22 games, but trust us, the media, it designed to win all 22 and incredibly well could take action any time later on.



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