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The Pokmon animes Arceus Chronicles special is headed to Netflix

Following a debut of Pokmon Legends: Arceus, it had been just a matter of (apologies) time prior to the Pokmon anime started concentrating on stories concerning the Sinnoh regions distant past when it had been first settled by humans. While animated shorts like Hisuian Snow have delved a little in to the Sinnoh regions history by introducing new characters, the mainline animes going to give Ash Ketchum just one more crash course in working with the legendary pokmon whose power shaped the land.

Today, The Pokmon Company announced that the English dub of Pokmon: The Arceus Chronicles, a fresh animated special, is making its solution to Netflix this September after first premiering at the 2022 Pokmon World Championships in London this August. Originally released in Japan as four episodes of Pokmon Journeys: The Series, The Arceus Chronicles tells the story of how Ash and several his companions from through the years reunite in present-day Sinnoh for a festival focused on celebrating the Hisui region and its own pokmon. Like Arceus the overall game, The Arceus Chronicles will explore the relationships between its titular legendary creator pokmon and the land it lords over and also how some villainous humans foolishly try to harness Arceus power for themselves.

Though The Arceus Chronicles has been billed as a particular event, Ash already has firsthand experience getting together with most of the legendaries set to surface in the story, which likely borrows several plot points from the games its inspired. But Pokmon: The Arceus Chronicles speaks to how comfortable the Pokmon animes become broaching topics like what the god of pokmon gets around in its leisure time, which is the type of wild energy the franchise needs at this time.

Pokmon: The Arceus Chronicles his Netflix on September 23rd.

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