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The pornography-detection cap that reads your brain

Feedback raises an eyebrow at the cap which reads brainwaves to greatly help China detect pornography, while also investigating secret cannabis facilities in Australia – and grave-robbing badgers

Humans 27 July 2022

New Scientist Default Image

Josie Ford

Thought police

Maintaining Chinas 73-year ban on pornography is really a job of work, but a natty new little bit of headgear can help. The governments porn appraisers have finally just to cast their eyes over suspect material at speed, and their caps sort of wire-covered shower cap produced by researchers at Beijing Jiaotong University will read their brainwaves and detect when something catches their salacious interest. PC Gamer wonders why the machine is indeed far only 80 % accurate, suspecting for the reason that working out material comes pre-censored. But imagine if the erroneous results were false positives? Feedback

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