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The Rock Likes His Cheat Day Pancakes With Syrup, Butter, *AND* Jam

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Dwayne Johnson’s cheat day meals are almost as legendary because the man’s epic workout sessions. After working up a hell of a sweat in his Iron Paradise, the hench actor is famous for treating himself on Sundays with huge servings of breakfast food: French toast, eggs, biscuits, and pancakes are in heavy rotation.

Coconut pancakes specifically certainly are a cheat day mainstay at Casa Rock: after eating the “best pancakes he ever endured” at a restaurant in Hawaii, Johnson asked private chef and pancake purveyor Janette “Puttie” Clark to recreate the recipe in the home.

“The majority of the flavors originated from what Dwayne was requesting,” Clark, founder of Simply PUTT’s Pancakes, told Men’s Health. “He wanted coconut banana, and I used the bottom of my pancake recipe, and made coconut banana. He asked for lemon poppyseed, I made lemon poppyseed. The other day he asked for pineapple. I was a little skeptical initially, nonetheless it surprised me how well it came outpineapple just infuses in that nice way.”

The pineapple and coconut combination proved so tasty that Johnson just indulged inside them again for his latest cheat trip to the weekend, topping them with butter, blueberry jam, and maple syrup. The outcome was “well earned” and “insanely delicious,” based on the Instagram post that accompanied the meal.

“He really has fun with food on his Sundays,” Clark said. “I reach dream up the foodstuffs. He informs me what he wants, and I get creative. But I must say, on another days of the week, I dont know anyone who’s as disciplined as he could be… Hes very centered on his well-being. It is effective for him.”

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