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The Sandbox Launches Alpha Season 3 This August

Among, if not the very best metaverse platforms, The Sandbox, that is a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, is launching Alpha Season 3 at some time this month. The Alpha Season 3 expands on the successful Alpha Season 2, which attracted over 325,000 players.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3
The Sandboxs Alpha Season 3 is their biggest move yet.

Alpha Season 3: AN OVERVIEW

To summarise what of The Sandboxs COO, Sbastien Borget: Alpha Season 3 provides more multiplayer experiences, more partners, more creators, more rewards for owners and players through play-and-earn mechanics, more collections, and much more excitement.

Simply, Alpha Season 3 is a bigger and better version of previous seasons of The Sandbox. Solo and multiplayer content will feature, including experiences from brand partners such as for example Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, Deadmau5, Sueco, Warner GROUP, Ubisofts Rabbids, BAYC, World of Women, The Smurfs, Steve Aoki, Metapride, Care Bears, and Atari.

During the period of the growing season, players can level up, and take part in Raffles to earn Alpha Season 3 Passes that grant an opportunity to win around 500 SAND, climb the Leaderboard, and earn SAND rewards.

For further details, The Sandbox has released a season 3 trailer that you can take on YouTube.

With season 3, The Sandbox looks to help expand cement itself because the top metaverse platform.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 will likely be Web3s greatest use case of interoperability yet, enabling over 140K NFT owners from collections such as for example Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doggies, World of Women, CoolCats, Clone X, and Aoki to seamlessly take their digital assets from Web3 communities and utilize them directly as avatars in The Sandbox. This marks the start of a fresh era in true ownership and consistency in online identity across platforms.

Why The Sandbox?

With many metaverse platforms around, you can easily question why people pick the Sandbox on the others, particularly their competitor, Decentraland. You can find probably several answers to the.

Firstly, their partnerships are unreal. The quantity of huge companies and celebrities they’re dealing with is unmatched. From Adidas and the Walking Dead to The Smurfs and Care Bears, as well as Snoop Dogg and Steve Aoki.

Also, the gameplay is arguably probably the most developed out from the lot, with huge teams working tirelessly to boost it every day. Now, with Alpha Season 3, they’re building further.


The Sandbox is among the biggest metaverse gaming platforms. Alongside Decentraland, they probably use up the largest market share.

The Sandboxs partners include Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, Adidas and The Smurfs. Beyond this, many big collections have made voxel, Sandbox-ready avatars, like CyberKongz making use of their CyberKongz VX collection.

It has additionally shown an obvious capacity to host events, much like its major competitor, Decentraland.

Alpha Season 3 is merely their next move around in proving themselves because the top name in the area.

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