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The Sandman: Neil Gaiman Teases Rematch TO GET RID OF All Rematches for Season 2

Warning: this short article contains spoilers for The Sandman Season 1, episode 4.

The Sandman creator Neil Gaiman already has ideas for Season 2.

During an interview with Total Film, the 61-year-old author revealed what he really wants to include in another story arc of The Sandman (if it gets made, needless to say).

Season two would essentially start out with the Lucifer/Morpheus rematch, he revealed. The rematch to get rid of all rematches. Lucifer won’t let things result in just how that Lucifer let things end by the end of episode 4, that is likely to go so much darker but it is also going to head to places that folks aren’t expecting.

The Sandman debuted on Netflix a few days ago, seeing Tom Sturridge take the role of Morpheus (aka Dream) the personification of dreams.

But after hes released from the 100-year-old spell imprisoning him, Morpheus is forced to traverse the many cosmic worlds to reclaim the various tools of his trade leading him right to hell when he realizes that his missing helmet has been nabbed by way of a demon.

That demon, Choronzon, shows that they fight for this, and nominates Lucifer in his place as champion. What results is really a fight between cosmic entities. Nearly a bare-knuckle brawl, either instead, they inflict harm upon each other by summoning imaginative entities. A hunter beats a wolf, and so forth. But theres much more to Lucifer that Gaiman really wants to explore in season two.

The Silver City may be the place where in fact the angels live, he explained. Lucifer is very much indeed a fallen angel and you also get that amazing Gwendoline Christie beauty, and presence, and gloriousness. However the notion of actually addressing meet some honest-to-goodness angels from the Silver City? That could definitely be something we’d want happen.

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Whether well reach note that rematch remains to be observed. In the end, The Sandman Season 2 is yet to be greenlit. But I obtain the feeling theres life in the old cosmic being yet.

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