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THE SIGNIFICANCE of Normalizing Failures

Failure isn’t terminal.

It could certainly feel just like it though, right? The idea of needing to start over after having already devote so much effort could be gut-wrenching. Think about the devastation you are feeling when someone lets you know that your effort wasn’t sufficient? In these circumstances, it could be very easy to choose to give up in order to avoid feeling in this manner again.

But how come it need to be in this manner? Why do lots of people walk out their means of avoiding feeling disappointment, hurt and rejection? You can find two significant reasons: self-preservation and societal conditioning.

The human survival instinct would be to protect yourself from experiencing emotional and physical pain. Some would argue that humans are hardwired in order to avoid feelings of pain since it is really a sign of imminent threat. Then, there’s social conditioning, where lots of people have already been trained to perceive failures as a testament with their personal worth. For instance, poor test grades meant that you didn’t study hard enough, not obtaining a promotion meant that you didn’t work hard enough rather than selling an application or signing a deal meant that you weren’t sufficient.

The truth is, failures certainly are a natural section of our evolution. Without failure, you couldn’t experience success. Why then could it be so difficult to normalize failures? Exactly why is it so hard to choose yourself up, dust yourself off and obtain back on the horse without fretting about falling again? Simple. Survival of the strongest.

Because of social media marketing, overnight success is normalized. Nobody wants to be observed or regarded as the weakest link. Problem is, the more folks sell this perfect image, the further it propagates this toxic proven fact that the street to your destination will undoubtedly be easy. That you need to do is have the trick sauce that you can have if you are ready to spend an arm and a leg to get it. Then, as you implement the strategy sold for you, and recognize that it generally does not work, you commence to doubt yourself. Could it be you? Will there be something amiss with you? Because that’s what they’ll let you know, and that means you don’t bad mouth their product. Entrepreneurial gaslighting at its best.

Here’s the good thing: the image sold for you doesn’t exist. You cannot bypass failure before success. The bad news is they aren’t necessarily wrong; it really is you. In the event that you thought that success can only just be performed by copying and pasting somebody else’s strategy, then it is time to re-evaluate your individual beliefs. Regardless of what strategy you spend money on, you cannot avoid failure. It really is your decision, however, if you’ll learn or die as a result.

Simple truth is, hardly any of the overnight success stories really happened overnight. What isn’t discussed or shown may be the blood, sweat and tears that came prior to the overnight success. Many people are not on the market discussing the rejection they experienced again and again before they finally found their groove. Social media marketing isn’t showing the amount of doors that the overnight sensation had to knock on before he found just one single one who truly believed in him. The journey isn’t shown on social media marketing the mistakes, the mental breakdowns, the rejections and the amount of times your hopes and dreams got crushed as a result of someone you thought you can trust.

What would happen then if everyone started sharing their personal journey on social media marketing both triumphs and failures? Or, imagine if people began to normalize failures as success? How would this change the message surrounding failures? Wouldn’t this make failing just a little less scary and demoralizing? Similarly, wouldn’t it ensure it is simpler to take risks?

With so benefits to the idea of reframing failures, there is no reason never to do it. All you need to accomplish is start sharing your journey. Everything. Not only the pretty parts. Plus, no matter who’s listening just share. Eventually, someone will see your story and resonate with it. Your mess will result in your success, so stop hiding it. Our future depends upon it.

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