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‘The Silence of My Critics Speaks for Itself:’ Hans Niemann Says HE COULD BE Being Unfairly Attacked in Chess Scandal

19-year-old chess grandmaster Hans Niemann was banned by massive online chess platform, just a couple days after being accused of cheating in true to life against five-time World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsenstarting an international firestorm in the chess world. “We’ve shared detailed evidence with him concerning our decision, including information that contradicts his statements concerning the amount and seriousness of his cheating on,” said in a statement.

Niemann isn’t taking the accusations prone.

During an interview with Saint Louis Chess Club, Niemann revealed that had taken action to eliminate usage of his account and banned him from playing in the Global Championship on the accusations. Niemann claimed that the backlash and unearthing of past dirt were motivated by self-interest and sort of mob mentality. I really believe that is completely unfair,” he said. “It is a targeted attack, and when you look within my games, this is simply not, it has nothing in connection with my games, why does the CEO of arrived at me and say were looking towards having you at the Global Chess Championship, were looking towards you playing inside our events, and right when I beat Magnus they opt to remove my account rather than i want to play in the tournaments.

Niemann is defending himself against backlash from the chess community, including five time U.S. Chess Champion Hikaru Nakamura, that are publicly doubting the integrity of his win.

The accusations were first levied by Carlsen himself, who, following his loss to Niemann, promptly withdrew from the tournament and tweeted a clip of football manager Jose Mourinho saying, “I favor never to speak. EASILY speak I’m in big troubleand I don’t desire to be in trouble.”

People took this cryptic tweet to imply that the only reason Niemann won was because he cheated. Nakamura made a decision to stream the overall game between Niemann and Carlsen on Twitch, where he said, There is an interval of six months where Hans didn’t play any tournaments for the money on That’s all I’ll say.” Nakamura was discussing the truth that Niemann have been previously banned from for cheating, which helped further taint Niemanns trustworthiness in the chess community.

Niemann admitted to cheating on previously, but claimed that both times he did were involving trivial, non-over-the-board games, and he was just a child as he was 12 and 16 when it just happened.

I simply wished to get higher-rated therefore i could play stronger players, therefore i cheated in random games on, he said. Now, I was confronted, I confessed, which may be the single biggest mistake of my entire life and Im completely ashamed, and Im telling the planet because I really do not need any misrepresentation and I really do not need rumors. I’ve never cheated within an over-the-board game. released its statement Thursday countering his claims, which said: At the moment, we’ve reached out to Hans Niemann to describe our decision to privately remove him from and our events. We’ve shared detailed evidence with him concerning our decision, including information that contradicts his statements concerning the amount and seriousness of his cheating on

Niemann said, The crucial thing that I wish to say is that Im not likely to let, Im not likely to let Magnus Carlsen, Im not likely to let Hikaru Nakamura, the three arguably biggest entities in chess, simply slander my reputation as the question is, why are they likely to remove me from immediately after I beat Magnus. Whats with the timing?

Up to now, there’s not been any concrete evidence that points to Niemann cheating. Carlsen have not issued any longer statements concerning the matter. Neither he nor Nieman taken care of immediately Motherboards obtain comment.

The chess community has been burning since Niemann beat Carlson, with some saying that Niemann won fair-and-square, with Carlson playing an unhealthy game. Others have already been wildly speculating about how Niemann could have cheated, taking into consideration the match occurred “on the board,” meaning on a physical chess board.

Based on the Guardian, a chance of cheating could possibly be that Carlsens pre-game analysis was leaked to Niemann, however the structure accessible had been played in a well-known game against Englands Michael Adams in 2006. Another, more outlandish theory, which seemingly started as a tale but has been bandied about, proposes that Niemann cheated through the use of electronic anal beads linked to a chess engine computer, which may vibrate when he made the right moves. Elon Musk tweeted concerning this theory, that was first posited on Reddit and was later mentioned on Canadian grandmaster Eric Hansen’s ChessBrah Twitch feed, which includes 282,000 followers: “That’s probably an excellent one, right? An anal bead may possibly beat finished ., I’m serio[us],” Hansen said in reaction to a commenter on his feed. “The engineit may possibly, I have no idea. I really have no idea. Consider it. I told you it had been a prostate massager, but I’m no expert at that stuff.”

You may still find many people who’ve been publicly supporting Niemann because the underdog. Russian chess grandmaster, Garry Kasparov, told TASS, Needless to say we can not say with certainty that Niemann didn’t cheat, but Carlsen surprisingly played the opening so badly with white he automatically experienced a worse position.

Jacob Aagaard, a Danish-Scottish chess grandmaster who was simply British champion in 2007, arrived in support for Neimann calling the accusations so obviously untrue. While French chess champion Maxime Vachier-Lagrave called the scandal a witch-hunt.

Niemann expressed his disappointment over how among the best moments in his career so quickly became among the worst. For me personally to see my hero, to see my absolute hero make an effort to target, make an effort to ruin my reputation, ruin my chess career, also to do it in that frivolous way, is actually disappointing, as you spend your complete life finding out about to someone, and you meet them, he said. My dream came true, I lived my dream for each day, beating Magnus, and all this happened.


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