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The Story of Stephen Fry Who Got Married at 58 After Thinking HE’D Never Find Love

At65, the multi-talented artist Stephen Fry ismore inlove than hes ever been before. After struggling tofind happiness and choosing celibacy atayoung age, hefinally found his wife, even ifhehad towait a long time forit. And even though 3decades separate the2, this couple proves tous that love always wins and age means nothing when 2people have somuch incommon.

Bright Side wants toshare the story ofStephen and his husband, Elliott, who’ll make you think that love isvital and weall deserve tofind our soulmate.

Hes one ofthe most successful and well-respected actors with amassive and fruitful career that covers film, radio, TV, theater, writing, and also video gaming. However, Stephen Frys love life have been less busy than his professional one.

The Englishman struggled with finding happiness inhis personal life for a long time, convinced that love was for other folks. Infact, hedecided tokeep his homosexuality hidden, that was complicated, sohemade your choice togocelibate atthe age of22in1979, and heremained this way for 16years. Helater admitted that his abstinence was, infact, the effect ofalack ofpersonal confidence.


But things changed for him atthe age of38when Stephan finally found love with somebody who hesaid saved him. The son was Daniel Cohen, aformer makeup and vitamin salesman who was simply 12years younger than him. The couple stayed together for 14years.

When hewas later asked whether heregrets having avoided romantic activity for a lot more than adecade and ahalf ofhis life, Stephan answered, I dont regret the celibacy, no. Iregret little inmylife.

Its true that his first serious, long-term relationship ended, however the universe had great plans for the actor, and his life was soon about tobechanged forever because ofayoung man named Elliott.

The pair had met atahouse party in2012 after being introduced byfriends. They revealed that itwas laughter that brought them together, and itseems that humor continues tobethe binding force intheir relationship.

POOL AFP/Associated Press/East News

In the end, 35-year-old Elliot isalso acomedian aswell asaphotographer, and headmitted, Humor isthe key toeverything. Welaugh at all times. Itwas obvious that the 2artists were amatch made inheaven, plus they decided tomake their love official bygetting married in2015.

However, their 30-year age gap didnt leave people indifferent. Evenso, the enamored duo doesnt allow this criticism toruin their happiness. Elliott proudly noted, Idont care what folks think. Headded, Stephen isthe love ofmylife, the light ofmylife.

And 7years once they said I really do, the couple isstill going strong, proving that sometimes the street tohappiness istolisten toyour heart instead ofworrying about being judged bysociety.

Doyou believe that abig age gap should stop 2people from loving one another?

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