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The U.S. Government Stole My Water and Flooded My Church. THEY Denied Me Damages | Opinion

On a dark night in 1991, I jumped in to the ocean off the coast of Cuba and swam nine miles to Guantanamo Bay to require political asylum. I had no future in Cuba. My mother had multiple sclerosis, and I hoped that when I became an American, I possibly could bring her here and obtain her better treatment.

The U.S. government sent me to NEVADA, where they sent many Cubans looking to get a start. I worked as a dishwasher in a casino, and met the girl who became my partner.

I had hoped to earn enough to create my mother to America, but I soon realized I possibly could not. Others in my own situation considered selling drugs. I didn’t need to get in big trouble, but I needed to save lots of my mother, therefore i sold drugs too. Soon I was arrested.

I visited prison, where I came across redemption. I came across god, the father. When I premiered, I visited the church a fellow prisoner had explained about. I caused the youth, with gang members, so that they wouldn’t make my same mistakes. Due to my experience in prison, they paid attention to me.

Victor Fuentes
Victor Fuentes

Eventually, I was ordained. In 2004, my children moved to Parumph, a town beyond NEVADA, where we began a Bible study. We wished to offer something to greatly help young people that are addicted inside our community. We didn’t have money; we passed faith. We work with the glory of God. I’m retired from the labor union, and my partner is retired from the casino, so that’s how exactly we manage.

1 day we saw a camp accessible in the Ash Meadow Wildlife Reserve and went see it. The dog owner wanted a cost we couldn’t afford. That’s when among our parishioners who we didn’t know had money stepped forward. She bought the website and gave it to the church.

That’s how Patch of Heaven had become. Our people worked hard to create it up. Churches from throughout started holding retreats here. They might baptize people inside our pond, in the same way we did.

atch of Heaven's baptismal pool
Patch of Heaven’s baptismal pool prior to the U.S. government diverted their water.

We are able to no more baptize people inside our pond as the government stole our water.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife controls the majority of the land in Ash Meadow, and in 2010, they unlawfully and illegally diverted our water. They didn’t have permission from the Army Corps of Engineers or Nevada agencies, that they are required for legal reasons to acquire. They held public meetings about their supposed plans, however they didn’t disclose their true intentions.

They took our water. Everything dry out.

Patch of Heaven's baptismal pool
Patch of Heaven’s baptismal pool following the U.S. government diverted their water

Three days before Christmas, our property was flooded because of their poor engineering.

In Cuba, there is absolutely no process. They take what they need and that is it. I never thought that could eventually me in the us. It was such as a knife in my own heart. We aren’t doing anything wrong. We have been helping kids and adults progress.

We experienced the legal process because we wished to do the proper thing. We’d faith that people would receive justice. But 11 years following the government took our water and destroyed our property, our obtain damages was denied. We’d physical evidence from the local hydrologist with decades of experience. The federal government had some type of computer model in one of these experts in D.C. The judge made a decision to trust the computer model.

At this time we can not find rest from anybody. The federal government won’t pay us for the damage it caused. You won’t give us back our water.

This government isn’t working for individuals. It really is like what I left out.

Exactly what is a patriotic American likely to do?

Victor Fuentes is pastor of Ministerio Roca Solida in Nevada.

The views expressed in this post will be the writer’s own.

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