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THE VERY BEST Action Camera Phone Attachments of 2022

Capturing a particular moment is nothing new. Folks are always seeking to take an ideal photo to create to Instagram, Facebook, or their Tinder profiles. An action camera (think GoPros or other unique sports photography and videography cameras) is really a camera specially made to capture adventurous moments like mountain biking, swimming, or intense hiking.

Action cameras change from regular cameras for the reason that they’re small, mountable cameras. They change from your phone for the reason that they’re usually waterproof, could be treated a lot more roughly, and capture all your adventures. Theyre designed for cyclists, divers, hikers, and also YouTube vloggers capturing their day-to-day life but can cost a fairly penny. But its likely to show your smartphone into an action camera using attachments.

Listed below are the very best action camera phone attachments of 2022.

Tripod Adapters to use it Cameras

Tripods certainly are a smart way to mount your camera. There are various kinds, a few of which are small and also have bendy legs, such as this one from Amazon. Additionally, there are tripods that include little remote controls which you can use around 100 feet away or convert right into a selfie stick, such as this one. In this manner, you can setup an ideal shot, even from afar, and snap it, even though youre solo. You may also arrange it to record you for a timelapse or perhaps a slow-motion action move. If youre utilizing an Apple watch, you may also see what the camera sees by opening the camera app from your own wrist. Mounts are really versatile and offer structure and an ideal frame, whether youre with an organization or on a solo adventure.

Gimbals to use it Cameras

Gimbals are an effective way to show your standard smartphone into an action camera. Phone gimbals are such as a combination tripod and stabilizer, offering you a smooth, beautiful photo and video results. Gimbals can be found in many price points, but among the highest-rated gimbals on Amazon could be purchased for $159. A gimbal functions by providing a pivoted support of one’s phone, rendering it, therefore the phone progresses an axis. By keeping the telephone in addition to the bumps and jumps on an adventure, the video and photo quality is a lot smoother and looks more professional than many action cameras available.

Protective Cases to use it Cameras

Probably the most important things you can purchase when converting your smartphone into an action camera is really a strong, protective case. When youre from an adventure, you wish to keep your phone from dropping and cracking, nevertheless, you also desire to keep it from sun and rain. Getting the phone wet in a lake or dropping it in the mud may damage or destroy it. When you have your phone mounted on your body, you can also risk getting an excessive amount of sweat on these devices. Cases by companies like Otterbox, Speck, and Pela Case are excellent investments with regards to protecting your phone.

Grips with Batteries to use it Cameras

The final thing you would like to happen while youre out in nature, definately not an outlet, is really a dead battery. Filming and taking photos for extended periods of time can really execute a number on your own smartphone battery. Its also essential to remain safe while outdoors and also have a method to demand help in a crisis. You can find many excellent products available offering wireless charging while enhancing the qualities of one’s smartphone camera.

Head Mounts to use it Cameras

Many people are familiar with the initial GoPro, and just how athletes used them by mounting the cameras with their heads for an extremely cool and unique viewing experience. If youre seeking to capture an identical experience, get one of these head mount for the smartphone. There are plenty of action mounts available which are appropriate for any smartphone out there. Head mounts will vary from tripod mounts since they basically capture the action during your eyes.

Editing Software to use it Cameras

Last but definitely not least, editing software could make an enormous difference in taking your footage from amateur to professional. There are many great editing apps obtainable in the Apple and Android app stores for a variety of prices. If youre seeking to mimic precisely what GoPro does, browse the GoPro Video Editor app. You dont have to own a GoPro to benefit from this phenomenal software. It’ll work flawlessly together with your phone.

THE VERY BEST Action Camera Phone Attachments of 2022

Whether youre searching for several beginner bits of action camera phone attachments or youre seeking to put a complete kit together, it is a great place to begin. Each one of the items above comes at a number of price points, which range from beginner to professional, so irrespective of where you start, youll prepare yourself to fully capture the action on your own next adventure.

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Julio Lopez; Pexels; Many thanks!

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