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The very best podcast apps for the iPhone in 2022: Overcast, Pocket Casts, and much more

Whether you love immersing yourself in gritty crime dramas or prefer making use of your commute time and energy to pay attention to self-help tips, podcasts have something for everybody. But where is it possible to find these cool podcasts? If youre an iOS user, you’ve got a lot to pick from. From the classic Apple Podcasts app to popular free podcast apps, weve rounded up the set of the very best podcast apps for iOS users.

Desire to up your listening game? Have a look at our guide to the best music apps and the best audiobook apps.

Apple Podcasts

Sometimes the classic is the greatest. The native Apple Podcasts app comes pre-setup and is absolve to use, which means you likely wont have to look at other podcast apps at all. You obtain access to an incredible number of podcasts, including many of the most popular ones like The Daily and Stuff YOU NEED TO KNOW. As the free version is plenty of, you can even buy subscriptions to specific podcasts to take pleasure from additional benefits. Apple Podcasts hosts several subscriber-only shows like podcasts by CNN, NPR, and The Washington Post. Like Subtstack, some creators offer both free and paid content, so that you can decide whether you love their episodes before subscribing.

Apple Podcasts offers personalized recommendations predicated on your listening history so that you can always find interesting episodes predicated on your interests. It works together with Siri which means you just ask the assistant to play any episode or playlist of one’s choice, so that you can listen hands-free while training or doing chores.



Overcast is really a well-known name in the podcast industry. Users love its Smart Speed feature that dynamically removes silences, so that you can pay attention to only the important stuff rather than any long pauses between answers. Plus, the filters are smart and customizable so that you can design a custom playlist to best work for you.

Overcast offers excellent sound quality so that you can hear crystal-clear conversations from your own favorite artists. The sound quality is maintained even yet in noisy places, providing you plenty of flexibility about where you listen. Providing you a lot more sense of control is its download feature, which enables you to download podcasts for offline use, so that you can listen while commuting, throughout your workouts, as well as on a secondary, without fretting about access to the internet. Moreover, the app works with with CarPlay and works on other iOS devices to provide a seamless experience.


Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is among the hottest podcast apps for grounds its free! Alongside saving you the big bucks, it also supplies a convenient listening experience as its beautifully designed, an easy task to navigate, and will be offering personalized recommendations directly on your homepage. If youre seeking to improve your experience, you can obtain the Pocket Casts Plus subscription (slightly over $1 per month) which enables you to listen to your preferred podcasts on the desktop app. The subscription also enables you to upload external files, so that you can utilize the Pocket Casts audio player to hear third-party audiobooks, or downloaded podcasts. Subscribers may also select a unique theme, and customize their experience.

To improve your listening experience, the app enables you to filter during your episodes which means you always pay attention to the proper podcast to fit your mood. In addition, it syncs with smart speakers so that you can benefit from the episodes together with your whole family or band of friends. The very best part? Like additional options, it enables you to trim silence so that you can miss the awkward pauses and save time.



Stitcher is ideal for organization lovers. It provides among the best filters and sorting tools so that you can design playlists that perfectly match your present needs. It is possible to experiment with a great deal of settings to help expand personalize your experience, providing you maximum control over your listening experience. It is possible to set a sleep timer, hook up to external speakers, and obtain expert-curated recommendations to get new podcasts predicated on your interests.

In order to enjoy a lot more benefits, consider subscribing to Stitcher Premium. For $5 per month, subscribers enjoy exclusive episodes and bonus content from a common creators. Like Apple Podcasts, some shows are just accessible with a subscription, if you desire to benefit from the full library, you need to pay up. Alongside exclusive content, subscribers also get ad-free listening and fun giveaways.



Castbox supplies a little bit of everything. You obtain usage of popular podcasts, audiobooks, Radio, white noise, and guided meditations. It is possible to combine different content types to create a playlist for the whole day. That is perfect for listeners who love having something play in the backdrop as they start their day. Like other apps, Castbox offers personalized recommendations, comprehensive playlists, and customizable playback settings.

What sets it apart though is its compatibility with CarPlay. In this manner it is possible to take your preferred podcasts anywhere you go. Another fantastic feature may be the apps capability to seek out keywords within podcast audio so that you can find niche podcast episodes even though this words arent mentioned in the title or description. We also love the apps social aspect. Listeners can leave comments on the episodes theyre hearing and hosts can elect to reply to create a relationship.

Castbox also offers reduced subscription that provides ad-free listening. Free users are limited by subscriptions around 100 shows but subscribers might have unlimited subscriptions. In addition they enjoy more complex playback settings to get the best possible listening experience.



Offering the Castbox experience with an increase of variety is Spotify, an app combining from the very best music to typically the most popular audiobooks. Its an easy task to create custom playlists and share them with friends, adding an awesome social element to an otherwise solitary experience. The recommendation engine is powerful and the search feature brings about great results aswell, so that you can always find what youre searching for. The sound quality is pretty impressive and you may customize each setting.

Its absolve to use having an optional premium subscription nevertheless, you dont need to pay anything to gain access to the podcasts. At $10 per month, the paid subscription offers ad-free listening, the opportunity to download content for offline listening, and unlimited skips in the event that you dont like what youre hearing. Spotify includes a selection of subscription options though. You can even get Spotify Duo, a couples subscription (two premium accounts) for $13. The household subscription offers six premium makes up about $16. This version enables you to block explicit music and use Spotify Kids exclusively created for younger listeners. Students can like a student-only subscription for $5. This version offers Hulu (ad-supported) plan and Showtime.



Castro works on a Queue system that creates an individual playlist with all of your episodes from different podcasts. It can help you scan, pick and prioritize some episodes while ignoring the others as theres only so enough time in your day and you also cant possibly pay attention to every episode a show releases. The interface is clean, intuitive, and minimalistic with little to distract you from your own listening. This app also offers the Trim Silence feature so that you can miss the gaps in conversations.

To take pleasure from added benefits, it is possible to sign up to Castro Plus. The paid subscription supplies a higher audio quality with a dynamic audio boost that enhances quiet voices while maintaining louder ones and that means you like a better listening experience. The premium version also enables you to add external audio recordings to your queue so that you can listen to anything you want with zero interruptions. The paid subscription offers a number of advanced settings like custom audio filters, skipping intros, and adjusting the playback speed for every podcast.


Google Podcasts

Among the newest additions to the podcasting world, Google Podcasts offers all you need from the podcast app. Its free, enables you to develop a queue of episodes, and will be offering great playback control. In addition, it tracks your listening history, downloads, and subscriptions so that you can stick to top of new episodes. Developed by Google, it includes a powerful internet search engine and will be offering great recommendations so that you can discover new artists predicated on your interests.

What we love probably the most about Google Podcasts may be the flexibility it includes. You may use it via the iOS app, but it addittionally includes a desktop version, an Android app, and pairs well with many wearable devices. In addition, it offers great convenience in the event that you pair it with Google Assistant speakers. Simply command the assistant to play an episode and you could enjoy hands-free listening. That one doesnt offer any paid subscriptions or subscriber-only shows, so that you can enjoy all of the content free of charge.


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