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The way the Apple Watch Series 8 might measure temperature

Apple will unveil the Apple Watch Series 8 through the iPhone 14 event in a couple weeks. The brand new wearable series isnt exactly a secret, once we have a lot of reports detailing the brand new smartwatches. Most concur that Apple will introduce a fresh sensor this season, allowing the Apple Watch Series 8 to take temperature measurements.

That is only a rumor, but Apple has recently patented technology explaining how it plans to learn temperature utilizing a wearable just like the Apple Watch. Moreover, Apple could apply the tech to other Apple gadgets for different purposes.

The way the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 measures temperature

Samsung currently makes the very best Apple Watch alternative, and the Korean giant just unveiled the Galaxy Watch 5 series. The brand new watch series will come in three sizes, including an expert version. Apples Series 8 also needs to feature three sizes, including a fresh Pro version.

Also, the Galaxy Watch 5 models have a temperature sensor. Samsung explained through the press conference that it runs on the new infrared sensor pointing at your skin to measure temperature. Its unclear if the sensor will deliver actual temperature readings or whether itll only have the ability to tell the difference between a normal temperature and a possible fever.

Samsung did say the infrared sensor can offer accurate readings, even though the temperature of the wearers surroundings changes.

The Galaxy Watch 5's new infrared sensor measures the wearer's temperature.
The Galaxy Watch 5s new infrared sensor measures the wearers temperature. Image source: Samsung

Apple Watch Series 8 temperature sensor rumors

Various insiders with accurate track records have said that Apple plans to include a temperature sensor to the Series 8. However the Apple Watch may not necessarily take the precise body’s temperature. Instead, these devices could probably tell in the event that you may have a fever.

Moreover, the temperature sensor might improve algorithms for sleep monitoring. Another potential technology implementation involves fertility planning, allowing women to monitor their ovulation cycle better.

Apple is only going to confirm the Apple Watch temperature sensors capabilities through the launch event. But we dont need to await the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8 announcement to learn with certainty that Apple really wants to add temperature sensors to its devices.

From the patent “the wearable electronic device 100 may […] leverage a temperature sensing system […] to detect an absolute temperature of a back crystal 108 that contacts the user's skin.”
From the patent: the wearable digital camera 100 may [] leverage a temperature sensing system [] to detect a complete temperature of a back crystal 108 that contacts the users skin. Image source: Apple via USPTO

A fresh patent hints at sophisticated features

Apple just won a patent titled Temperature gradient sensing in portable gadgets. Found by MyHealthyApple, the document was filed with the USPTO in mid-July 2022. The agency awarded the patent to Apple on August 9th.

The patent describes the hardware technology that may allow an electric device just like the Apple Watch Series 8 to measure temperature.

Unlike Samsung, Apples patent doesnt use infrared to join up temperature readings. Instead, it runs on the temperature sensor and a differential temperature probe. Apple can implement the machine efficiently without taking on an excessive amount of space in the device. And without increasing manufacturing costs.

A smartwatch device (200) includes a housing (202) that might contain a back crystal (204) that comes in touch with a user’s skin. A differential temperature probe (208) comes in contact with the crystal.
A smartwatch device (200) carries a housing (202) that may include a back crystal (204) that will come in touch with a users skin. A differential temperature probe (208) touches the crystal. Image source: Apple via USPTO

Just how this works is not at all hard.

The differential temperature probe may take a seat on a flexible thin-film substrate. Among its ends will be routed through the watch to an element that touches the users skin. Just like the back crystal of a smartwatch. Another end would hook up to the temperature sensor:

Because of this constructions, the wearable digital camera can obtain an extremely accurate and highly precise measurement of the users skin temperature which, subsequently, could be leveraged for: health or fitness recommendations; health or fitness tracking; biometric identification; wearable device fit evaluation; and so forth. It could be appreciated these foregoing examples aren’t exhaustive. Instead, an individual of skill in the art may readily appreciate that any suitable biometric purpose linked to or informed by temperature may be accomplished by leveraging systems as described herein.

Applications beyond the Apple Watch Series 8

The documentation also details other uses for the temperature sensing technology. For instance, Apple might utilize the differential temperature probe to measure air temperature. Additionally, it may use multiple probes linked to an individual sensor to execute temperature readings of a devices internal components.

Apples patent says it could utilize the same kind of temperature sensor inside wireless headphones or earbuds. They might have the ability to detect the temperature of the wearer. Similarly, Apple might incorporate such sensors in the Apple Pencil to find out if the user is grasping the stylus.

Differential temperature probe (300) includes a substrate (302) that can be flexible and two electrodes (304, 306). A voltage corresponding to temperature differentials can be measured between the electrodes.
Differential temperature probe (300) carries a substrate (302) which can be flexible and two electrodes (304, 306). A voltage corresponding to temperature differentials could be measured between your electrodes. Image source: Apple via USPTO

Each one of these claims indicate that Apple really wants to have its devices make accurate temperature readings. However the sophisticated tech in the patent suggests more complex tech than what the Apple Watch Series 8 might offer initially with regards to temperature monitoring.

Moreover, the patent appears to describe only the hardware Apple must create a temperature sensor happen on the Apple Watch. Software algorithms will interpret the readings in a broader context.

Also, lets remember that companies like Apple constantly patent new innovations theyre focusing on. But those inventions usually do not always ensure it is into commercial products.

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