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The way the Giants’ Run Game Can Replicate Its Week 1 Success Against Carolina

The Cleveland Browns rushed for 217 yards in Week 1 against Carolina. For Giants fans, they need to be excited by the idea of another quality rushing performance for Saquon Barkley and crew.

The question becomes, how did the Browns take action? Where did they discover the most success against a Panthers defense that this past year allowed opponents typically 113.8 rushing yards per game (18th), but which includes some quality defenders?

And how do the Giants’ brain trust duplicate those efforts?

The plays that the Panthers will undoubtedly be seeking to defend better that your Giants will probably turn to exploit are gap runs. The gap scheme takes benefit of frontside leverage and angles blended with pulling blockers from the backside.

Like man scheme, there’s usually a hole, however the misdirection involved and bodies moving implies that the running back must simultaneously show patience vision and explosive.

Cleveland’s Nick Chubb and the Giants’ Saquon Barkley have this ability, and the offensive schemes used in their respective Week 1 games talk with their reliance on gap schemes for explosive plays in the run game.

Let’s look at a few examples.

This first play is really a guard wrap play, and ironically enough, both teams ran it with their right side for success. The tight ends did an excellent job to getting solid contact on the finish man at risk of scrimmage, allowing the guard to obtain around to the next level.

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Although one is run under center and another is from the shotgun, both backs focus on a movement from the hole. Patience is necessary from the running back again to permit the play to build up.

Vision can be used to learn the blocks and decipher once the hole will emerge and the explosiveness gets them through the hole, knowing that these lanes close quickly in the NFL.

The next play can be your classic buck play. This time around the Browns run it from the shotgun, and the Giants run it from under center.

The play side tackle blocks down, sealing defenders from pursuing the play. The play side guard pulls and kicks the initial defender showing. The backside guard pulls and leads around another level.

The trunk will attack and take off the play side guard’s kick-out block and follow the backside guard to daylight. After they see daylight, the trunk is absolve to explode through the hole and appearance to outrun the oncoming defenders from the backside. It always hits faster than defenses think without necessarily being truly a bang-bang play.

Both these plays show that the Giants have a chance to achieve success in the run game contrary to the Panthers. Yes, Carolina will undoubtedly be focusing on improving their run defense, but just how much is one able to improve in weekly?

It might worsen before it gets better, and the Giants ought to be looking to reap the benefits of their opponents’ deficiencies. If the Panthers make an effort to commit way too many to the box to avoid the run, quarterback Daniel Jones must make sure they are pay.

It’ll be fascinating to observe how it unfolds on Sunday.

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