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The Weeknd Loses Voice During Concert and Cancels Show

The Weeknd ‘This is Killin’ Me’ Loses Voice in Concert, Cancels Show

9/4/2022 5: 44 AM PT

The Weeknd barely got started performing the next of his 2 sold-out shows in L.A. Saturday night when he lost his voice … and he was almost in tears.

SoFi Stadium was filled with 70,000 fans when 15 minutes in the band started playing “Can’t Feel My Face.” Thing is … the Weeknd was nowhere to be observed.

Works out he was backstage because the song played, racking your brains on how to proceed because had had no voice. Something happened through the previous song — he yelled and apparently it blew out his vocal cords.

The audience didn’t know very well what was up … the song played and there is no Weeknd around the corner. Once the song ended, he came onstage and told the crowd, “It’s killing me,” however the show had to abruptly end because he previously no voice.

He said, fighting back tears, “I cannot provide you with the concert I wish to offer you,” promising everyone would obtain cash back and he’d reschedule soon.

The Weeknd was profusely apologetic and clearly emotional. This is a big section of his After Hours Til Dawn Tour, and he knew just how much the show designed to his fans.

You hear virtually the complete crowd was on Weeknd’s side, applauding him to be transparent.

cant believe were here. la this weekend belongs to us. XO

The Weeknd (@theweeknd) September 2, 2022 @theweeknd

After he left the venue, The Weeknd posted, “My voice went through the first song and Im devastated. Felt it go and my heart dropped. I promise I’ll ensure it is your decision with a fresh date.”

This is not the initial speed bump for the tour … it had been postponed twice before due to the pandemic.

His schedule is packed, with shows in Mexico, SOUTH USA, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa and the center East, but it’s pretty clear … he really wants to execute a make-good for L.A. fans STAT.

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