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The Wildest & MOST Memorable Cars Of Monterey Car Week 2022

Lincoln Model L100 Concept

Chris Davies/SlashGear

Monterey Car Week is infamous because of its supercars and super-rich attendees, and 2022’s event was no different with a cornucopia of exotics plus some unexpected wildcards for ordinary people. Although concepts were free-flowing, as at any car show, the big ticket items at California’s most glamorous automotive event were the limited-edition models from marques like Bugatti, Bentley, and McLaren.

For all those hypercars, the truth is that Monterey is really a showcase debut, however, not a sales showroom. The majority of the high-end exclusives have always been assigned to the automakers’ most loyal clientele, a diminutive audience which has seen the first designs and deposit their charge card long before the true vehicles are unveiled on stage.

For 2022, the big theme has been “goodbye gasoline” as supercar companies embrace the inevitability of electrification. Be it Bugatti’s W16 engine or Bentley’s W12, the times of gas are numbered. It doesn’t mean there is not still time for a few multi-million dollar last hurrahs, because the best of the old-school remind us why they are so compelling all of this time. Continue reading for a few of the largest launches of Monterey Car Week 2022.

Bugatti’s $5 Million Goodbye to Gas Also Drops the Roof

Bugatti W16 Mistral

Chris Davies/SlashGear

Bugatti unexpectedly were able to capture both an initial and a finale with the seductive, and wildly expensive,W16 Mistral. It is the last production series car from the automaker that may use its vast, 16-cylinder gas engine, within 1,600 PS form as so wildly applied in the Chiron Super Sport 300+ in 2019. In the past, it had been speed that has been the guiding star. These times, it’s about actually seeing those stars above your mind.

That’s as the W16 Mistral may be the first car in the Chiron era to become a roadster, something we’ve not seen because the days of the Veyron. Bugatti says its customers have been crying out for an open-top option for a long time now, nonetheless it took this long to refine the look to help keep the automaker’s distinctive styling cues, rather than sacrifice either performance or safety. Ninety-nine lucky buyers will spend about $5 million apiece for the privilege.

Bentley Teases the EV Future USING ITS Coachbuilt Batur

Bentley says another big goodbye, in the form of its now-iconic W12 12-cylinder engine. A mainstay of the British automaker’s line-up for many years, the arrival of Bentley’s ambitious electrification plan has meant a curtain demand this torque-rich gas power plant. It’s venturing out in the form of the beautiful Bentley Mulliner Batur, tuned to create it probably the most potent iteration of the W12 up to now with an increase of than 730 horsepower, and 737 pound-feet of torque.

Only 18 will undoubtedly be built, each priced from $2 million, sufficient reason for the entire creative expertise of Bentley’s Mulliner coach-building team to customize and craft a distinctive farewell to gasoline. Which includes 3D-printed 18-karat gold, a waveform of the engine’s sound embedded in the dashboard, and a sustainable natural fiber composite option to carbon fiber.However, its styling previews a few of the new aesthetic cues we are able to expect from upcoming vehicles, like Bentley’s first all-electric model in 2025.

Lamborghini’s Super SUV Takes No Prisoners

Lamborghini Urus Performante

Chris Davies/SlashGear

Lamborghini could have a portfolio of supercar coupes and convertibles, nonetheless it was an SUV that made its debut in Monterey. The Lamborghini Urus Performante follows exactly the same pattern of its nameplate siblings: more power, more agility, and the promise of more pleasurable. The Urus is a huge success for Lamborghini it’s now the brand’s best-selling model and today the SUV accumulates more of the lively spirit of its coupe stablemates.

Less weight, and a switch to fixed steel springs with adaptive dampers from the typical air suspension, help with poise and responsiveness in the corners. In addition, it leaves the Urus Performante lower to the road, while aesthetic tweaks outside and in help distinguish probably the most potent of the SUVs from the standard model. Altogether it has been enough to create this the fastest production SUV to climb to the Pikes Peak summit.

Lucid Really wants to Embarrass Elon Musk

Lucid Air Sapphire

Chris Davies/SlashGear

Lucid’s contribution to Monterey didn’t need to travel far: The California-based electric startup brought its Air Sapphire down from the Bay Area showing off its new performance nameplate. EVs like Tesla’s Model S Plaid have previously put pay to any lingering reputation that electric cars are necessarily slow, but Lucid Motors’ newest model aims to out-perform Elon Musk along the way.

That involved adding a third motor to the Air, doubling up at the trunk so the torque to each wheel could be individually controlled. The effect is more agility and an impressive 1,200 horsepower altogether, enough so Lucid claims to propel the Air Sapphire from 0-60 mph within 2 seconds. Actually, the automaker insists, its $250,000 limited-availability EV would be the fastest production sedan on the planet, and also opening the entranceway to some new Sapphire-branded models which coax the best pace out of these electric architecture.

Audi Has Production Plans because of its Self-Driving Concept

Audi Grandsphere Concept

Chris Davies/SlashGear

Audi will not be selling its Monterey Car Week models at the very least, not yet. Its striking trio of “Sphere” concepts joined forces to preview the German automaker’s vision of a power, luxury future, from the Skysphere roadster using its physically-stretching wheelbase, to the Urbansphere “apartment on wheels,” embodying the idea of an oasis among dense city environments.

In-between, though, may be the Audi Grandsphere, and even though the sedan might not look quite as avant-garde as its siblings, it is the car with the production potential. Audi plans to create an extravagance four-door in line with the EV in the center of the decade, not merely carrying its themes of cabin minimalism and alternative materials to dealerships, but eventually offering Level 4 autonomous driving, too. Which includes a retracting tyre that hides behind a panel in the dashboard once the Grandsphere is piloting itself, and projected instrumentation to displace the most common physical or digital gauges.

McLaren Made a genuine Car From the Game Racer

McLaren Solus GT

Chris Davies/SlashGear

McLaren’s Solus GT appears like it should you need to be a concept. In the end, even for the automaker that popularized dihedral doors, the single-seater using its carved-out bodywork looks extreme. Fit for a gaming, in ways, and you also wouldn’t be wrong: The Solus GT is in fact the production version of an idea car McLaren built for “Gran Turismo SPORT” in the past.

Fast forward to today, and a small number of buyers are certain to get to see what that’s like in real life. Just 25 of the cars will undoubtedly be built, each with a 5.2-liter, naturally-aspirated V10 delivering a lot more than 829 horsepower, and 479 pound-feet of torque. Maximum speed will undoubtedly be more than 200 mph, but it will likely be how wildly the coupe corners which should really impress. In the end, that is the point of the incredible downforce from its jaw-dropping bodywork.

Lincoln Embraced Excess to Excellent Effect

Lincoln Model L100 Concept

Chris Davies/SlashGear

The cabin of Lincoln’s Model L100 Concept may be the polar opposite with regards to space, though getting back in there is absolutely no less wowing compared to the McLaren’s sliding canopy. The incredible long coach doors of the electric sedan spread open, as the whole roof lifts, enabling you to step inside and onto the full-display floor with all the current grace of the EVs’ exterior. Inside, two sizable couches could be configured for a face-to-face mode, because the Model L100 is left to operate a vehicle itself.

While production because of this particular Lincoln seems unlikely, it’s fair to say this previews some big themes we’re more likely to hear more of in the a long time. What sort of Model L100 Concept makes its battery a structural section of the car helping trim weight in addition to increase overall stability is something we’ve already seen from EVs, as the spacious interior teases more sustainable materials compared to the traditional wood, metal, and leather.

Kia’s Monterey Debut WILL IN ACTUALITY Be Affordable

Kia EV6 GT

Chris Davies/SlashGear

Kia is probably not the initial automaker you’d be prepared to see alongside the luminaries of the hypercar world, but that didn’t stop the South Korean automaker from creating a splash with probably the most attainable debuts in Monterey. Headed to dealerships by the finish of 2022, the Kia EV6 GT takes the business’s well-received all-electric hatchback and provides it a wholesome performance upgrade. Which means 576 horsepower, rendering it Kia’s most effective production car up to now.

The styling is tweaked, and bigger wheels have more potent brakes. Normally, the EV6 GT is all-wheel drive, but a fresh Drift Mode focuses power on the trunk for all those times you would like to try going sideways. Kia hasn’t confirmed pricing for the brand new EV yet, nevertheless, you can guarantee that it will likely be much more affordable than the supercars it sat alongside at the show this week.

Acura’s Tease Has Production Potential

Acura Precision EV Concept

Chris Davies/SlashGear

Acura is finally going electric, and even though we’ll need to wait a couple of more years for the automaker’s first production EV now freshly branded the Acura ZDX we do involve some hints in regards to what we are able to expect from the look. That has been previewed by another of the automaker’s memorable design studies, the Acura Precision EV Concept, revealing a fresh aesthetic from what we’ve arrived at expect from Honda’s upscale performance brand.

A large grille up-front, illuminated and flanked by squinting headlamps, leads right into a heavily sculpted hood and front fenders. Inside, the dashboard is more angular and driver-focused, with Acura promising a newly-upgraded version of its infotainment system, too. The amount of of this will in actuality ensure it is to the ZDX or, for example, the even-more-potent Acura ZDX Type S which has been confirmed we’ll have to wait and see, but Acura could execute a lot worse than giving the green light to the blue beast as-is.

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