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The Will Smith Apology Video is here now AND IT’S REALLY Weirder Than We Expected

Well, you knew it could come at some time. It was only a matter of when. After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at March’s Academy Awards ceremonyfollowing a barb Rock made discussing Jada Pinkett-Smith’s shaved headit was a certainty that we’d get an apology video from the Oscar-winning actor.

Friends, that day is today. On Friday morning, Smith released a video to his nearly 10-million-subscriber-strong YouTube channel, titled, ‘It’s been one minute…” (The caption? “Thanx, y’all.”) During the period of about six minutes, Smith participates in a slightly odd, self-led Q&A session about everything Slap. The initial question asks why he didn’t apologize to Rock in his acceptance speech, when he won Best Actor for his role in King Richard, just soon after the altercation. “I was fogged out by that time, Smith said. “It’s all fuzzy. I’ve reached out to Chris and the message that returned is that he’s not prepared to talk, so when he is he’ll touch base,” said. “THEREFORE I will tell you, Chris, I am sorry for you.”

For what it’s worth, Rock hasn’t said much concerning the incident, apart from several odd jokes during his standup tour. Throughout a show on July 24, Rock quipped, Anyone who says words hurt hasn’t been punched in the facial skin… Yeah, that shit hurt, motherfucker. But I shook that shit off and visited work the very next day I dont visit the hospital for a paper cut.

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Through the entire video, Smith addresses various moments from the infamous night, including whether Jada actually told him to yell at Rock after she rolled her eyes. “Its like, you understand, I made a selection by myself, from my very own experiences, from my history with Chris,” he said, curiously somewhat amused by this question. “Jada had nothing in connection with it. Im sorry, babe. I would like to say sorry to my kids and my children for heat that I induced most of us.” To be clear, Smith expressed extreme remorse for the altercation, adding, “I could say to everyone there is absolutely no section of me that thinks that has been the proper way to behave for the reason that moment. There is no section of me that thinks that is the optimal solution to handle a sense of disrespect or insults.”

This is actually the first we’ve heard from Smith concerning the Oscars in roughly 90 days, since he resigned from The Academy of FILM Arts and Sciences. On that end, addressing his peers, Smith said, “To all or any my fellow nominees, you understand, it is a community, its like I won as you voted for me personally. Also it really breaks my heart to possess stolen and tarnished your moment. I could still see Questloves eyes. You understand, it just happened on Questloves award. And, you understand, its like, Im sorry really isnt sufficient.”

By the end of everything, Smith reassures us that he’s attempting to make amends. “I understand it had been confusing, I understand it had been shocking, but I promise you I’m deeply devoted and focused on putting light and love and joy in to the world,” he says. “In the event that you hold on, I promise we’ll have the ability to be friends again.” If you need to view the complete thing, go on and watch Smith’s full apology video below.

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