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In its latest quarterly earnings report, NVIDIA announced a large drop in revenue. Even though company continues to be making significant progress, the news headlines is actually a sign that its recent rapid growth period is arriving at a halt but this is not bad news for everybody. In fact, if you are a gamer, this may be the very best news you hear all year.

NVIDIA said it had made $6.70 billion in the next quarter of 2022 and paid $3.44 billion to its shareholders. Although that sounds impressive and the chip company’s profits remain up from this past year, its revenues have actually tanked almost 20% within the last quarter. The revenue loss has correlated with a significant fall popular for GPUs, which are among the company’s main outputs. In a statement following earnings report, Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, said, “We have been navigating our supply chain transitions in a challenging macro environment and we’ll complete this.” Then discussed computing, AI, and the automotive industry. However, the statement on NVIDIA’s website ignores the elephant in the area.

Although things could be slowing for NVIDIA’s shareholders, that is very good news for gamers who could probably snag a bargain on a top-of-the-line GPU for the very first time in years. Those holding a stake in NVIDIA must not be too worried, though. The business has hinted that it could have something special up its sleeve, and may soon be profiting from the “new segment” of the marketplace.

That is more very good news for gamers

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Following a frankly miserable couple of years that have seen GPUs to enter the market for many times their MSRP but still sell out in seconds many PC gamers will believe that isn’t it about time they got what’s promising. During the last couple of months, they’ve had plenty to cheer about… provided they weren’t also heavily committed to cryptocurrency. While bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies haven’t collapsed completely, the massive dip they took earlier in the entire year means it’s no more worth mining the digital currencies. Crypto mining have been profitable for quite some time, despite having the inflated GPU prices. Consequently, and despite a semiconductor shortage, manufacturers like AMD and NVIDIA had ramped up production so that they can meet up with the incredible demand.

The crash of bitcoin has resulted in a few situations. Firstly, because of the upsurge in production and demand suddenly evaporating, manufacturers like NVIDIA and the outlets they provide are actually overstocked on GPUs. Because of this, prices are set to tumble dramatically so that they can move the huge stockpiles onto consumers. If you are building or upgrading a PC, that is probably your very best option.

The cards sold by trusted outlets are guaranteed to be authentic and completely new. However, if you are on an extreme budget or comfortable going for a risk, there’s another option. Bitcoin miners want to recoup just as much money as you possibly can by selling the graphics cards from their mining rigs. You can find no guarantees of quality with regards to these cards, and you also don’t know what type of product you are getting. It may be a complete bargain, or it may be a dud that is jerry-rigged to perform at three-quarter capacity. Play at your personal risk.

NVIDIA has something new coming

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In accordance with The Verge, NVIDIA’s CFO Collette Kress has alluded to “a fresh segment of the marketplace that we intend to reach with this gaming technology.” What that segment is remains a mystery, but there are some things we are able to use to create an informed guess on the problem. Kress’ statement probably doesn’t directly make reference to another generation of NVIDIA GPUs. Although we don’t possess a precise release date, the Ada Lovelace 4000 group of graphics cards have been announced, and can probably focus on a segment of the marketplace NVIDIA already includes a huge share of PC and laptop gamers.

However, NVIDIAhas already been playing a big part in Mark Zuckerberg’s proposed metaverse,so that it wouldn’t be considered a huge shock to visit a major part of the business’s interests focused there. The GPU manufacturer recently announced an expansion of its NVIDIA Omniverse platform, that allows designers, artists, and reviewers to easily collaborate in the digital world.

Zuckerberg is framing the metaverse because the next evolutionary phase of the web. His vision of the idea itself results in as a network it is possible to walk around, go out in with friends, and attend events within. Virtual reality plays an enormous part in this vision, as do things such as NFTs, that will likely form the framework virtual assets are designed around. All this will require a significant level of processing power, and chip manufacturers like NVIDIA and companies enjoy it come in a prime position to capitalize onto it all. You can even argue the idea does not have any chance without them.

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