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These 3 Colors Are Banned From Ferrari’s Lineup Forever

Ferrari Prancing Horse logo on red car

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Ferrari is becoming well-known for its draconian rules about buying and owning its vehicles. It includes a reputation to uphold, in the end. The automaker has earned both cachet and the clout to drop the ban hammer on celebrities, keep employees from buying new models off the showroom floor, and also havea listing of “do’s and don’ts” that produce Santa’s “naughty or nice” list seem short in comparison. When it involves color, one probably must think Ferrari could have a say for the reason that as well. And you also wouldn’t be wrong.

Ferraripainted its first car (the 125 S) in 1947 in the brand new famous shade of red called “Rosso Corsa.” But why? The former Fdration Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) mandated that racing cars be painted with a color code in line with the country that they came. For instance, German cars were silver-grey, those from France were blue, and Italian racers were red. It stayed in this manner until 1968.

“Racing red” soon became iconic to the brand, so Enzo Ferrari kept it. It’s a fascinating historical remember that the now legendary color choice wasn’t his decision but one he was forced to look at. Ferrari has since introduced a large number of shades of red, including Scuderia (lighter than Corsa), Roma, Bordeaux, cherry, Monza, Mugello (darker than Corsa), and Vivo. In accordance with Barnebys Magazine, the only real colors to stay constant on a Ferrari will be the yellow and black within the famous Prancing Horse emblem.

Not everything is pretty in pink

As recently because the early 1990s, 85% of most new Ferraris made were painted some color of red. By 2011 that number had plummeted to 45%, and by 2015, it had beenonly 35%. Colors like grey, silver, black, and white have grown to be a lot more popular recently. In a 2017 interview,Ferrari Australasia CEO Herbert Appleroth told that “Every Ferrari is customised, personalised or bespoke” because Enzo Ferrari never wanted two cars to be identical. Even though the company would go to great lengths to produce a unique vehicle for each and every buyer, there’s only so much it’s ready to bend, particularly when it involves color.

The Italian sports vehicle company won’t paint among its vehicles pink, or any shade even remotely near it on the Pantone color chart, like salmon or rose. “It just doesn’t match our whole ethos in all honesty,” said Appleroth. “It is a brand rule. No Pink. No Pokmon Ferraris!”

While Ferrarican’t stop folks from painting an automobile after purchase, it really is frowned upon, also it may have some consequences not least which is preventing a buyer from ever getting their practical another new Ferrari. Another option will be sending a cease and desist letter to the offender.

The end result is when you are wealthy enough to get a fresh Ferrari, you almost certainly fought hard to obtain there. The final thing you should do is make the business mad, as you won’t like them when they’re angry.

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