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These are probably the most searched iPhone problems on earth

Apples iPhone is consistently probably the most popular cellular devices on the planet. One recent report claims that Apple will order at the very least 90 million iPhone 14 units this fall even though the economy continues to be recovering. The iPhone is actually unstoppable, but in the event that you own one, you understand that the best-selling device has its share of problems aswell.

Earlier this month, Freedom Mobiles (via 9to5Mac) used a listing of over 130 keywords to get the mostly searched iPhone problems on Google. Theyve separated the issues into three different categories: US, UK, and global. Unsurprisingly, theres a lot of overlap, but its interesting to observe how the issues rank in various countries.

In accordance with their research, the most typical iPhone problem that users explore Google is iPhone is disabled hook up to iTunes. This is actually the message that appears in the event that you guess the incorrect passcode ten times in a row.

As Apple explains on its website, you need to physically connect your iPhone to a Mac or PC with iTunes installed. From then on, switch off your iPhone, put it in recovery mode, and restore it with iTunes. Its unsurprising that countless users have a problem with this.

A few of the other issues that iPhone users seek out include forgot iPhone passcode, Face ID no longer working, iPhone stuck on Apple logo, and iPhone not charging. In accordance with Freedom Mobiles, the common global search volume for these problems are over 30,000. Its rather interesting, but additionally not especially surprising, that both most searched iPhone problems involve user error instead of malfunctioning hardware or software.

IN THE US, probably the most pressing issues appear to be remembering passcodes and getting Face ID to work. In the united kingdom, iPhone owners may also be having difficulty with Face ID, but obtaining the iPhone to charge is really a more frequent problem than remembering a passcode.

Make sure to browse the full lists over on Freedom Mobiles.

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