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These are the very best 10 most bike-friendly cities on the planet SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and Portland didnt make the list

This year’s Global Bicycle Index ranked 90 cities worldwide to see which will be the most friendly for cyclists.

The index scored the cities in line with the percentage of bicycle users, crime and safety, infrastructure, climate, bike-sharing opportunities, and cycling-related events.

Cities in Europe topped the set of bike-friendly places because of high-quality bicycling infrastructure like bike lanes and climate that include a higher amount of “cycleable” days.

Although cities in the usa didn’t make the very best 10 as well as the very best 20, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, Portland, Seattle, Washington D.C., LA, Boston, NY, Chicago, and Detroit were on the list of 90 cities on the list.

No. 1 most bike-friendly city on the planet: Utrecht, Netherlands

Utrecht, Netherlands, is ranked as the utmost bicycle-friendly city on the planet. Based on the index, the town counts about 51 percent of the populace as cyclists.

The next city on the list is Mnster, Germany. The index cited that the German city includes a low rate for cycling fatalities and did well on the events score since they regularly host events promoting bike riding.

Antwerp, Belgium, was third on the list, however the index states that the port city is among the least expensive places to get and also have a bike. In addition, it includes a city-wide bike-sharing system and contains about 4,000 cycle routes.

Here’s all of those other top 10 best cities on the planet for cyclists

  1. Utrecht, Netherlands
  2. Munster, Germany
  3. Antwerp, Belgium
  4. Copenhagen, Denmark
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  6. Malm, Sweden
  7. Hangzhou, China
  8. Bern, Switzerland
  9. Bremen, Germany
  10. Hannover, Germany

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