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These Raspberry Pi alternatives should soon be better to find

RockPi 4

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If you are a Raspberry Pi aficionado searching for alternatives to the sought-after microcomputer, you may be pleased to understand that Rockchip-powered boards will now be accessible from the UK-based web store OKdo.

Rockchip, a manufacturer located in Fuzhou, China produces popular Raspberry Pi alternatives beneath the “Rock” brand, like the Rock Pi 4.

The announcement, revealed via eeNews Europe, comes because the longstanding relationship between RS Group, owner of OKdo, and the Raspberry Pi Foundation lapsed after almost ten years.

What does this mean?

OKdo says the move will raise the option of customizable single-board (CSB) computers because of its engineering expertise, technology, ecosystem partners, supply chain and global distribution channels.

The number of products includes the ROCK 4 SE, a cost-reduced version of Radxas ROCK 4C Plus board that uses the RK3399-T six-core ARM processor.

The motherboard boasts two Cortex-A72 cores with a performance capacity of just one 1.5GHz and four 1.0GHz Cortex-A53 cores, in addition to ARMs T860MP4 Mali GPU with 4GB of 64bit LPDDR4 RAM.

Today’s news could possibly be music to the ears of hardware tinkerers or those simply thinking about upskilling their python development, as Raspberry PI has suffered some serious shortages previously year.

In an interview with The Verge (opens in new tab), the boss of the trading arm of Raspberry Pi foundation Eben Upton described the shortages as “very bad”.

He added: “We sold exactly the same amount of Raspberry Pis this past year that people sold the entire year before, but we entered this past year with in regards to a half-million unit customer backlog, and we left this past year with several million units of customer backlog.”

Richard Curtin, Co-Founder and CTO of OKdo, believes Raxa, a Rockchip design partner, is specially suitable to weathering the storm of the supply chain crisis.

Curtin said: “Taking into consideration the supply chain constraints that Taiwan Semiconductors experienced lately, there exists a significant threat of stock shortages once the production of semiconductors is solely situated in Asia or in a single wafer fab.”

He added that Rockchip’s usage of several different forms of wafers “was one of many attraction points whenever we initiated the look, manufacture, and distribution partnership with Radxa”.

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