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They Put the Grateful Dead Bear on Lettuce. Why Did I’D LIKE It So Much?

I believe the punchline to the joke (that is, make no mistake, on us) is that people you live in an instant of the very most bespoke customization atlanta divorce attorneys degree of our lives, even yet in our most perishable foods, because should they brand it, well buy it (or at the very least discuss it). Its insufficient to get a box of hydroponically grown gourmet lettuce; if you want to truly signal our values to the planet, that box will need well known bands iconography emblazoned onto it. What it boils down to is personality assertion through branding, and its own a large business.

Take fruit, for instance. The majority of the fruit we buy includes its packagingits peels and husks. But man-made packaging sells. We view it with cereal boxes, where tigers and Flintstones and leprechauns vie for the eye of the youngest shoppers at the supermarket. Kids may be super vunerable to that sort of marketingbright colors, cartoons, familiar facesbut the truth is, most of us have that little kid in us. Unlike cereal, a lot of the branding around vegetables and fruit plays on the virtuousness of the ingredient. But healthy or not, everything boils down to marketing.

Branding produce in the U.S. goes back to the 1890s, once the advent of national shipping meant companies needed a method to differentiate their crates of fruit from your competition. Sunkist was among the first companies to place its branding directly on the fruit itself, in accordance with Sunkists senior director of global marketing, Christina Ward. It started with a stamp on its oranges in 1926. (There’s, perhaps unsurprisingly, a separate band of vintage fruit crate and sticker collectors.)

In regards to a century later, in March of 2022, Sunkist kicked off a promotion with media company WildBrains Strawberry Shortcake series, Berry in the Big City. Concentrating on its blood oranges (it doesnt sell strawberries, alas), Sunkist released *Strawberry Shortcake*themed packaging, coloring pages, and recipes. Ward says that as the campaign was designed to interest young fans, Overall, we developed content specifically with the millennial mom at heart. Also it worked. Ward says retailers saw a rise in blood orange sales through the promo, which ran through June.

Like Sunkist, Dole has been branding produce since its start. Its perhaps most widely known because of its banana stickers, that have featured characters from Disney movies like Beauty & The Beast and Cars 3, Pixar favorites like Ratatouille, and, lately, Marvel superheroes. Dole and Disney have already been BFFs since 1976, when Dole began sponsoring Disneylands Enchanted Tiki Room.

These banana stickers become instant collectors items for particularly devout fandoms. In a Reddit thread with over 400 comments in regards to a limited edition Frozen 2 banana, u/A_Yeti says, My dads been collecting banana stickers his very existence. Huge collection. Theres always someone on the market who collects -insert weird shit here-. And u/great_bowser asks, So am I the only person who’s been maintaining collection [sic] of banana stickers since childhood?

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