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This Bodyweight Exercise Will INFLATE Your Summer Back Workout

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AFTER THE SEASON hits peak summer status, there are many days you’ll watch out the window or at the forecast and wish you could skip from your gym-bound workout to invest enough time outside. Thankfully for all those sunny days, most training could be adjusted fairly easily, even though you’re intending to leave your fitness gear in the home. Bodyweight workouts at the park, pool, or beach are an excellent fit for summer.

Having said that, there are several splits which are better to shift to your gear-free setting than others. Your leg days and chest muscles pushing sessions are fairly easy to translate to bodyweight-only movementsbut once it comes time and energy to train your back, you may battle to get much going if you are short a pullup bar. Don’t panic, thoughthere are options. Just to illustrate: This deceptively effective bodyweight back exercise from trainer Faris Khan, C.S.C.S.‘s Summer Strength Challenge program for Men’s Health MVP.


The lying back press may not appear to be much, but if you are giving it your all, you’ll receive a wicked scapular squeeze. Better still, your core are certain to get some attention too.

How exactly to Do the Lying Back Press

Lie on your own back, together with your knees bent as well as your arms extended on either side of one’s torso. Squeeze your glutes and abs to generate tension.

Press your forearms and elbows in to the floor to raise your back. Keep your neck in a neutral position; avoid being straining up together with your neck to improve up.

Contain the elevated position for just two 2-3 3 seconds, maintaining your spine muscles and core engaged. Spine down slowly.

Perform 2-3 3 sets of 10 reps.

For more innovative bodyweight workouts from Khan, browse the full Summer Strength Challenge program, available through Men’s Health MVP.

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