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This Elden Ring streamer is kicking ass on a dance pad controller

She gives dance battle a complete new meaning

Unconventional controllers are among the best gaming content niches. Theyre something Ive enjoyed from the corner of my eye for a long time, with the best being Rudeisms full-body goose costume/controller to playUntitled Goose Game. The Twitch streamers are back at it again, but this time around the spotlight is on anElden Ring streamer MissMakkaa, and her build that runs on the dance pad peripheral as a controller.

Basically, she got among those at-home dance pads you utilize for games like Dance Dance Revolutionand hooked it aroundElden Ring, that is already a funny enough concept alone. Whats a lot more impressive, then, is that shes already beaten five of the games bosses up to now (thanks, Eurogamer), and she isnt stopping there.

Twitch streamer @MissMikkaa who recently completed an even 1 run of Elden Ring with just one single hand, is currently performing a similar run with a dance pad

She’s defeated 5 bosses up to now, and contains 30-50 altogether she must beat

Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky) August 26, 2022

Apart from having to execute a little jig when things get intense, another challenge MissMakkaa faces with this particular build is that we now have fewer buttons on a dance pad than you can find on a PlayStation controller, this means she sometimes must perform tasks like controlling the camera on the PC. My brain can just about only handle one task at the same time, so its insanely impressive that shes managed to get this far with this particular setup.

Needless to say, MissMakkaa can be used to an excellent challenge recently she completed anotherElden Ring run where she not merely remained Level 1 the complete time, but additionally used one hand. Also to think I couldnt even beat Godrick normally. Some individuals are simply built differently. Leave it to Twitch streamers to create among the hardest games available even harder.

Twitch could be a toxic place sometimes, but content such as this reminds me that sometimes gamers could be awesome, actually. The complete point of doing offers is to have a great time, and partaking in goofy challenges such as this only amplify that fun.

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