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This Fnatic REVIVE Gaming Desk is constructed of Recycled Chopsticks



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Fnatic X ChopValue gaming desk
Fnatic / Chop Value

Fnatic, one of the primary names in esports, has partnered with the company Chop Value to make a stylish gaming desk unlike any. The limited-edition Fnatic X ChopValue REVIVE heigh-adjustable desks are one-of-a-kind, as each desk is manufactured out of up to 9,565 recycled chopsticks. Seriously.

These climate-positive and carbon-negative desks arent just best for the surroundings. Theyre also stylus, durable, customizable, and can be found in three different sizes to match any gamers needs.

Each desk utilizes from 7,500 to over 9,500 chopsticks along with other recycled materials, becomes a good computer desk, and is repurposed to provide gamers years of enjoyment rather than finding yourself in landfills. In this manner, you can raise your game while creating a difference in real life.

The REVIVE Essential desk is44 x 29 in proportions and doesnt include any height adjustments, starting at $965. Its a normal desk, but its still a good option because of the durable steel frame, built-in cable management tray, and when you look closely, you can view every individual chopstick on the finish of the wooden top.

Chop Value says the procedure for every top delivers a desk thats more powerful than oak, harder than maple, and created to last another lifetime. Basically, it could handle all of your gaming sessions, rage-quitting moments, and the rest work or play throws the right path.

The REVIVE will come in a similarly sized Pro model that’s height-adjustable, with a quiet and durable motor that delivers three custom presets. The height controls are programmable and include safety sensors to make sure you dont lower it onto anything.

And lastly, theres a more impressive Fnatic X Chop Value REVIVE XL thats a great deal larger, to arrive at55 x 29 x 0.8 in proportions, which uses a lot more chopsticks to perform the design. This is actually the biggest desk available, ideal for gamers utilizing a multiple monitor setup.

This original REVIVE gaming desk costs between $965 and $1,345 with regards to the model, and each one of the first 1,000 orders includes a limited-edition number branding. Additionally, buyers can truly add custom engravings such as a gamertag to the top, making it a lot more special.

Fnatic and Chop Value say these unique new computer desks will undoubtedly be open to pre-order starting Tuesday, September 22nd, with the state release date set for October 4th. So, enter on the pre-sale today and obtain your personal gaming desk from the hyperlink below.

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