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This gorgeous indie appears like SNES Skyrim and it’s really to arrive 2023

World of Anterra is really a new indie billed as “Skyrim with pixel art” and it’s really to arrive 2023 – as long as it reaches its funding goal on Kickstarter (opens in new tab).

It’s worth pointing right out of the offset that, in accordance with its Kickstarter campaign, World of Anterra won’t exist unless it reaches its goal of $99,555 by Friday, September 23. During writing, it’s sitting at $41,000. I only mention this which means you do not get too attached, because I’m going to be frank with you: I would like to reside in this game.

The hand-crafted pixel art visuals appear to be a mixture of classic RPGs like Breath of Fire and Trials of Mana and old-school farming sims like Harvest Moon. It could you need to be me, but watching the trailer for World of Anterra also gives me a pang of nostalgia that reminds me of exploring the seemingly limitless world of Ultima Online.

Beyond its scarily inviting world, I really like the thought of a huge, non-linear, open-world RPG like Skyrim done in the design of a top-down SNES game. Developer 81monkeys says you’ll explore oceans, continents, regions, castles and towns, mountains, caves, and dungeons, and encounter from little insects to “hulking creatures.”

World of Anterra

(Image credit: 81monkeys)

Like Skyrim and a lot of other RPGs, World of Anterra enables you to wander around a lot of diverse landscapes, speak to NPCs, cook yourself some grub, and go fishing, also it all sounds really thorough. For instance, the developers say “cooking is often as simple as dragging meat onto the fire, or as complicated as combining ingredients in a pan.”

Beyond that, you can also go hunting, collect resources, craft and build cool stuff, continue faery hunts, and do some detective work. Seriously, the deeper you dig into World of Anterra, the more neat interactive stuff you will discover out about.

The combat also sounds really interesting. 81monkeys describes it as “probably the most streamlined grid-based combat we’ve ever seen.” Apparently, it’s not difficult that you could blast through crowds as an action-RPG, but there is also depth and strategy involved with taking down bigger foes.

“Its as simple as choosing your action on the HUD, then pressing the corresponding button to go AND attack. You can even switch between different weapons, enchantments, consumables, combat abilities, and spells.”

It is possible to read about all the complexities on the game’s Kickstarter, but here is a brief clip of the combat system doing his thing:

World of Anterra

(Image credit: 81monkeys)

Even co-op sounds pretty detailed. The overall game lets players – it isn’t clear just how many – “drop in” seamlessly and adventure together or separately. Additionally, there are narrative-based world events making use of their own progression systems and rewards that happen when another player opens a rift into another world. “We think that multiplayer in World of Anterra must stand on the shoulders of an excellent single player experience, so its vital that you us that the single player gameplay shines before we integrate our multiplayer features.”

Again, we’re only scratching the top here with one of these details, and there are always a couple of other minute details on the campaign page. World of Anterra arrives out in 2023 on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch… hopefully.

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