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This Guy EXERCISED EACH DAY for 700 Days and Shared What He Learned

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YouTuber Craig Benzine, aka WheezyWaiter, has been dealing with an array of health insurance and nutrition challenges within the last year or two, including adopting different sleep schedules, trying “laughter yoga,” and quitting alcohol, sugar and coffee. One of is own longer ongoing projects has gone to workout each day, so when he nears the two-year mark, Benzine reflects on which he’s learned from 700 consecutive workouts.

Once he began exercising regularly, Benzine soon realized that he’d had three major misconceptions about fitness. Firstly, the theory that you need to be “ready” to work through, complete with a pricey gym membership or home exercise equipment, or that it is too complex, or you are not fit enough to start out (which creates a logic loop, because how will you get fitter unless you start?).

“The simple truth is, you’re ready at this time,” says Benzine, recalling that whenever he first began, he stuck to simple body weight exercises that may be performed anywhere, also it was only after he mastered the ones that he started acquiring some equipment to create his at-home sessions more difficult. “Maybe just find something simple,” he says, “take action a teensy bit each day, just observe how it certainly makes you feel.”

The next big misconception, Benzine recalls, was that training is boring, unenjoyable, and uncomfortable. “Yes, it generally does not always feel great, you are going to probably feel soreness, especially in early stages when you begin training, or once you push yourself significantly beyond you’re used to,” he says. “However now I’m at the particular level I’m at, I’m mostly just attempting to maintain, also it doesn’t hurt, it actually feels good.” So when for the argument that it is boring? That depends upon you. Benzine says his workouts are in fact the only real time he has in your day where he gets an opportunity to catch through to podcasts and TV.

The 3rd misconception, as well as perhaps the largest one with regards to holding people back from engaging in fitness, is that training is for a particular specific “type” of person. “Training doesn’t define you,” says Benzine. “I don’t value the competitive areas of it, I’m not watching the numbers… For me personally, it’s like meditation, with an increase of effort.”

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