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This iOS 16 Tool on the iPhone Makes Photo Edits FEEL JUST LIKE Magic

This story is section of WWDC 2022, CNET’s complete coverage from and about Apple’s annual developers conference.

On Sept. 7, Apple will hold its annual fall event where we expect the iPhone 14 to be announced. We have to also learn when iOS 16 will officially be released. Apple’siOS 16brings lots of new features to the iPhone, includingeditable Messagesand acustomizable lock screen. However the feature that truly grabbed my attention during WWDC 2022is focused on photography, despite taking on significantly less than 15 seconds of the function.

The feature was not given a name, but here’s how it operates: You tap and hang on a photo to split up a picture’s subject, just like a person, from the backdrop. And if you retain holding, after that you can “lift” the cutout from the photo and drag it into another app to create, share or create a collage, for instance.

Technically, the tap-and-lift photo feature is section of Visual Lookup, that was first launched with iOS 15 and will recognize objects in your photos such as for example plants, food, landmarks and also pets. In iOS 16, Visual Lookup enable you to lift that object out of an image or PDF by doing only tapping and holding.

Through the WWDC, Apple showed someone tapping and securing your dog in an image to lift it from the backdrop and share in a note.


Robby Walker, Apple senior director of Siri Language and Technologies, demonstrated the brand new tap-and-lift tool on an image of a French bulldog. Your dog was “cut right out” of the photo and dragged and dropped in to the text field of a note.

“It feels as though magic,” Walker said.

Sometimes Apple overuses the term “magic,” but this tool does seem impressive. Walker was quick to indicate that the result was the consequence of a sophisticated machine-learning model, that is accelerated by core machine learning and Apple’s neural engine to execute 40 billion operations in another.

Knowing the quantity of processing and machine learning necessary to cut your dog out of an image thrills me to no end. Often new phone features have to be revolutionary or solve a significant problem. I assume you can say that the tap-and-hold tool solves the issue of removing the backdrop of an image, which to at the very least some is actually a serious matter.

I couldn’t help spot the similarity to some other photo feature in iOS 16. On the lock screen, the photo editor separates the foreground subject from the backdrop of the photo useful for your wallpaper. This helps it be so lock screen elements just like the time and date could be layered behind the main topic of your wallpaper however in front of the photo’s background. It creates it appear to be the cover of a magazine.

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