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Screenshot: Joel Cunningham

I’m just filled with advice about social media marketing, most of which may be boiled right down to deposit your phone and stop engaging. That is funny, because I’m incredibly bad at doing both of these things, despite my best efforts (downloading just a little app that grows trees when you dont use your phone, setting an objective to learn more books, getting the same conversation with my therapist again and again). But Ive finally found a tricka clever iPhone appthat appears to be working. For the present time.

Ironically, I made this discovery while mindlessly scrolling Twitter on my iPhone, that is what I really do during any given moment of inactivity, from taking your dog out to pee, to looking forward to the elevator, to putting the kettle on the boil. In these moments, I dont actually want anything Twitter provides; its just a mindless habit, and that insufficient purpose never stops that quick swipe from turning out to be 10 useless minutes.

But this Shortcut Automation appcalled one sec by its innovator, Frederik Riedel (@frederikRiedel)seeks to inject some mindfulness into that mindless habit. To utilize it, you create an automation which will trigger one sec to perform when you try to open whatever social media marketing, gaming, or other app is eating into your entire day. Its a straightforward, soothing little bit of animation which will interrupt the procedure, encouraging one to take a breath before you tap another time to concur that you truly do desire to open that appor not.

You can view how it operates in this Tweet from Riedel:

Image for article titled This iPhone App Might Actually Help You Break Your Social Media Addiction

Screenshot: Joel Cunningham

I realize there are a great many other tools that encourage one to limit social media marketing use, from Apples own Focus Modes to screen time alerts, but one sec spent some time working best for me personally since it cuts me off at the proper moment; its better to force me to believe with intention (6 attempts to open Twitter within 24 hours) than to scold me into stopping doing a thing that Im already doing (any pop-up telling me my app usage for your day has elapsed is instantly ignored). It is possible to block one app free of charge, and unlock additional features (use with multiple apps, better quality breathing exercises, time tracking, website blocking) with reduced subscription ($14.99/year).

Dont misunderstand me, I still have a reasonably serious internet addiction. But Ive also were able to stop myself from looking at my phone while looking forward to your dog to poop for five days straight. Thats not nothing.

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