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This Kettlebell GO THROUGH Move Will Grow Your Glutes

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STRONG, POWERFUL GLUTES serve as your athletic engine, propelling you forward on every stride of one’s morning run and protecting your back once you pick up much box or bag (or kid!).

But thats not absolutely all your butt can perform: Its in charge of assisting you balance by maintaining your hips stable, and youll test that stability with this particular move, the pass-through Bulgarian split squat. Your glutes bear the brunt of the task, however your quads, hamstrings, and abs must work overtime to stop your torso from shifting. Survive three sets and youll have renewed bounce (and balance!) atlanta divorce attorneys step.

THE PERSON Behind the Move

Justin Inman is really a Baltimore-based trainer and an associate of the Mens Health Strength in Diversity Initiative, which helps trainers from marginalized communities jump-start their careers with education, mentorship, and visibility.

Get yourself a Leg Up


Philip Friedman

Hold a kettlebell in your right hand at your chest. Enter a half-kneeling stance, right knee on to the floor, right instep on a box or bench behind you. Ensure that your left shin is perpendicular to the ground. Tighten your abs and operate. That is your starting position.

Have a Knee


Philip Friedman

Bend at both knees, cutting your torso until your left thigh is parallel to the ground. Your right knee ought to be about an inch off the ground, and you’ll feel a stretch in your right hip flexor and quad.

Pass It On


Philip Friedman

Tighten your abs and neck, then lower the kettlebell, relaxing your right hand. Pass the bell under your left thigh to your left hand. Keep your hips and shoulders square to leading as you do that.



Philip Friedman

Push the sofa back slightly, then explosively contract your glute and thrust your hips forward, powering the bell to your left shoulder. Pause, then straighten your left leg. Repeat the procedure, this time around passing the bell from left to right. Thats 1 rep; do four to six 6. Do 3 sets per leg.

This story originally appears in the September 2022 problem of Men’s Health.

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