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This may be another Korean smash hit for Netflix

The initial two episodes of Little Women, Netflixs newest high-profile Korean TV series, hit the streamer on the weekend and, in this writers opinion, you can find at the very least two explanations why K-drama fans (if theyre not yet alert to this series) will certainly desire to add it with their Netflix queue.

One may be the director, Kim Hee-won. She also directed what for most fans was among the best K-dramas that the streamer has ever produced: Vincenzo, in regards to a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer. And, as though that wasnt enough, the Little Women cast includes Kim Go-eun. Shes a South Korean actress who radiates charm and effervescence in just about everything she does.

Importantly, she also was among the leads in Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, which most hardcore K-drama fans will let you know is among the best titles that the genre provides.

Little Women Netflix series

For all those reasons, amongst others, I fully be prepared to see Little Women chart on Netflixs next group of Top 10 lists that it releases on Tuesday, September 6 (in the non-English Television show category). Meanwhile, heres a closer look at what this show is in fact about.

little women netflix
A production still from the Netflix Korean drama Little Women. Image source: Netflix

This show essentially modernizes Louisa May Alcotts famous novel of exactly the same name. In addition, it adds within an part of mystery and transposes the whole lot to Korea. What can you do in the event that you had lots of money? may be the question that Netflix asks viewers to ponder.

After surviving in poverty almost all their lives, three sisters were confronted with this question if they suddenly found a mysterious amount of 70 billion won Throw within an impoverished upbringing, the lure of easy money, and three sisters with distinctive personalities played by prominent actors and you also have the recipe for a gripping mystery drama.

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Little Womens main characters include Kim Go Euns Oh Injoo, referred to as the hardworking yet exhausted older sister. Nam Ji-Hyun plays the center sister, journalist Oh Inkyung, while Park Ji Hu (who was simply also observed in Netflixs Most of us Are Dead) is Oh Inhye, the sensitive and artistic youngest sister.

The director told Netflix that her goal here was to create a tale that viewers can resonate with, which covers both our daily lives and our profound imaginations.

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